Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break Photos...about time.

yes. I know I know I know. Geez.
Spring break was like 2 weeks ago and i am finally getting pictures up.
I kept my kids SUPER BUSY!
First we saw How to Train Your dragon...TWICE.  they LOVED it.  I thought it was pretty great myself.
And yes, I did tear up a little bit. Dont judge me. Im hormonal.

We also went to the Nature Museum:

So we also bought a Discovery Place Membership (nature museum admittance fee was rolled into the cost!)

Peter and Finn on the static Ball.  Peters hair worked really well. Finns was a little too short.
Peter and Finn in their 3-D glasses for a dinosaur movie
the Boys enjoying themselves at the various exhibits and hands on displays at the museum
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