Monday, May 25, 2009

I am in love

I want these...BAD. These are the Kamisori "Emerald" 7 star precision shears from the Damascus collection.

Direct quote from Kamisori
"Our Damascus steel is unlike any other and is composed of 12 to 16 premium metals carefully layered together through a very sophisticated process. These layers can be seen by the cloud patterns on the shears’ surface.These highest graded "7-star shears" are world renowned as the finest and are used by famous platform hair artists all over the world. If you are a stylist fortunate enough to own a pair, you will fall in love at first cut!"
I am drooling right now.

Hand forged, 6" blades, so sharp you could cut off your own finger. Slices through hair like BUTTAH! It doesnt get any better than this.

All for the measly cost of $1300... Yes, that is THIRTEEN HUNDRED. Not thirteen, not one hundred thirty...but one thousand three hundred. The decimal goes AFTER the 2nd 0.

I guess I better get cracking!!!

Safe House

I had heard a rumor, and I dont know if it is true.
Bojangles Chicken is now a safe house.
Cant take care of your kids? Dont abandon them in the middle of nowhere, take them to Bojangles. If it is true, then it is a sad commentary on what our society has become.

Like I said I have googled this but am unable to verify.

No I am not abandoning my kids. the point is, if Bojangles Chicken is a safe house and i were the mothere of these kids, I totally would.

White paint. Hardwood floors. Leather couch. flat Screen TV.

'nuff said.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dawns hair

Here are a few of the pictures from Dawns wedding and her hair that I did.

Dawn Before: (she started with thick, natually curly hair)
Here is Dawn after the flat iron, it was an amazing difference. She said she hadnt seen her hair like that since 5th grade!
It was so silky and smooth and long after that. i had a GREAT head to work with!!

Here I am working and coiling and working and coiling and working and coiling and pinning the heck out of it. That hair was going NOWHERE!!!

The side view of the masterpiece.(above)

ALMOST DONE!!!(below) Dawn had some pearls and we made some little hairpins with them and started sticking them in.

The Final product.(almost) I went back through with a TON of hairspray and a rat-tail comb and smoothed the heck out of it. It was really beautiful.

So thank you Dawn for allowing me to be of service to you on your special day. I had such a great time and hope you loved every minute!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes i wish i didnt know what I know

Being in cosmetology school has been a real boon and blessing.
It has also been a curse.

There are times i wish i didnt know what I know. especially about germs and sanitation.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to Nail salons.

On Saturday my friend and I were Bridesmaids at Dawn's wedding.
We went out in the morning in search of a nail salon to get pedicures.
We found one up the street from our hotel in Tinley Park.(Illinois)
The building itself was kind of an older strip mall, a little worn on the outside. The parking lot was a little bumpy and full of holes and there was zero landscaping to be spoken of. However it was in the same strip as a very busy Jewel/Osco, which really was the only redeeming quality.

As we were walking up I whispered "I'm scared". i dont know why.I just got that feeling.
But i kind of shook it off, thinking that I was just in unfamiliar surroundings and that all would be well.
We walk in and had to wait behind 2 other people. On the television screens they were playing ABC Saturday morning kids shows. So while waiting for an adult pedicure I had to watch Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. All of the magazines are somewhat out of date, and the walls are painted a really un-soothing purple.

They finally have a pedicure opening and I go up first.
There was a woman in the chair next to me and a woman in the last chair on the end.
They get started and she pulls out her instruments from a plastic cup and goes to town. She made me bleed while she was trying to nip my cuticles with her very blunt nippers. She is jabbing at them with her cuticle pusher and it hurts more than it helps.
The woman next to me gets done and the manicurist drains her tub and does a QUICK SWISH RINSE with tap water and fills it up for Lindsey to come in. Thanfully we were running out of time so she just said "I just want a polish change. We have to get going and i dont have time for a full pedicure".
They ask if she would like a manicure for her nails as well. She said no. They ask again. She said No, just the polish change.
She sits down in the chair and they start conversing in Vietnamese, apparently irritated that she changed her mind because we had errands to run and a wedding to get ready for and were running out of time.
So over the course of the 45 minutes i observed MANY things wrong with this little hovel Nail Salon.
Here were the list of infractions:

1. They were not washing and sanitizing their foot spas after every pedicure. It was a quick swish rinse with tap water. This is houw you get MFF and other contagious foot diseases and fungii.
2. The lady next to me finished her pedicure and the implements they used on her feet were all put in a bowl. Instead of washing, sanitizing and putting them in an autoclave, they were taken to the back sink and given a quick rinse with tap water and taken back out to be used on the next client. again, a really Top rate way to spread disease, bloodborn pathogens and other things.
3. The razor callus shaver used on my foot was given a quick rinse in my dirty foot spa water, the blade put back on and put back in the "clean" drawer. i now have a very red and sore area on my foot where I was shaved with this dirty razor. I think it is an infection. Do I really need to say it again about spreading germs??
4. They did eyebrow waxing. They used ONE STICK ONLY! They dipped it in, spread the wax in the face and kept double and triple dipping the stick and sticking it on the face. What if this woman had a skin disorder or infection? They are putting that wax stick on her face, then sticking it back into the wax, contaminating the entire pot of wax.
5. Their nail polish selection was old and clumpy. You couldnt even shake half of the colors they were all sticky and gelatinous. This is not a sanitary infraction, you can add thinner, but it was gross.

It was NASTY!! I am lodging a complaint with the Illinois State Board. It was HORRENDOUS. They were NOT careful and very blatant about their unsanitary habits. It was as if they were trying to get shut down.
The whole night i felt sick about it. Seriously. sometimes ignorance is bliss. I told Lindsey outside "tell everyone you know to stay away". It was THAT bad.
sometimes i WISH I didnt know what I know. I probably could have enjoyed my evening a lot better instead of feeling gaggy about my feet.

My cab ride of death

This past weekend I went to chicago for Dawn's wedding.
It was just so much fun. I really missed everyone, so it was just a blast going back and seeing all my friends. 
However my flight was fairly early the next morning and I had to get there a little early, as requested by the airport. 
So I took a cab to the airport from the hotel I was staying at about 45 minutes away.

This hunk of junk showed up at the hotel to pick me up ( it was 20 minutes late. )
 It looked like it had seen better days. The inside was a shell, I almost felt like the ill fated cab passengers in The Bone Collector. 
I am pretty sure the shocks were shot...and that if he went over 60mph we surely would have exploded. It made a really loud, strange, somewhat alarming rattling sound. In fact I wasnt even sure if we were going to make it at all. I had a vision of the car puttering to a stop in the Middle of the Dan Ryan and me having to hoof it to the airport, dragging my insanely heavy bag.
Everything in that car was duct taped or rubber banded onto something. But by golly he did have a Garmon GPS system.(which did not kep him from making TWO wrong turns.  Yes two. When the garmon says Turn right here, do not pass it then turn right at the next street. Thats not how it works, sir.)
This guy was about 192 years old, and he couldnt pick a lane AT ALL.  I swear we hit every pothole and at one point I am pretty convinced I saw an Orange construction pylon take a fall.
For one stretch of road it was 2 lanes and on either side was a cement wall. There were times that I was POSITIVE we were going into that cement barricade. If not the barricade on one side, then the car in the lane next to us. 
And he would just kind of start drifting into the other lanes. not looking before switching, just kind of easing in, unintentionally.
  I just shut my eyes and prayed like hell.
I thought the trip would never end.
Then this semi truck started coming into our lane. We were in his blind spot or something and my cab driver doesnt lay on the horn or anything. He just slams on the brakes, causing me to fly forward and smack into the back of the seats. (the seatbelt was broken...)  he didnt apologize. He just started back up (that car went 0 to 60 in 5 minutes) and we kept going on out way.
It was awful. I thought to myself, "If I dont die in this cab it will be a good day indeed".

So chicago and my friends in chicago, I miss you. I wish I could have stayed longer and I promise I will come back to visit much more often than I have.  However my next visit ONE OF YOU WILL TAKE ME TO THE AIRPORT!  i am boycotting taxis from now on. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rationalization always wins...

I was thinking about my diet and how badly I wanted to go to Brusters and get a sundae, or a shake...or SOMETHING.
I thought "well if I just get a scoop it will be fine".
then I thought "And maybe if I have them add a litle hot fudge".
My little fantasy kept going until I had a full blown Brownie sundae...but no cherry because I hate them.

I thought back to the time I was the general manager of Maggie Moos Ice cream.
Maggie Moos is SUPER PREMIUM ice cream. It is like 4000% butterfat and chock full of 3 days worth of calories...and thats just the sweet cream flavor. Never mind Maggies Fudge or Caramel which is made with like 2 pounds of Hot Fudge and/or Caramel topping.

We had these two very overweight ladies come into the store one night.  Apparently they were starting Weight Watchers the next morning and were going out with a Bang.
 They both got a Large Sundae with the Caramel Ice Cream. In that Ice Cream I mixed Wet Walnuts and Pecans. Then on top I added Hot fudge, Hot Caramel, Homemade whipped cream and  extra wet walnuts.  
I asked the ladies :Would you like a cherry on that??"
The one woman turns to her friend and says "Dont get the cherry. Thats where all the calories are.  Thats how these sundaes get ya." 

and no, she wasnt joking.

Needless to say i didnt get any ice cream. yay me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love this video. I watch it and think "they must know my brother".
I feel like I am watching something that occurred 20 years ago in my own household.

Please to enjoy Tucker and Brad and "The Mothers Day Photo"

So Happy Mothers Day to all my friends and blogger friends. Not a mother yet?? Then happy future mothers day. Look what we have to look forward to??

Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite place...

One more day until I leave for NAGS HEAD!!!
I am taking the boys up there to the beach house for a few days of R and R.
My only chance for a little vacation until i graduate from school in September.
So today I have done laundry and tonight after school I will pack and be ready to head out tomorrow afternoon!
I cant wait. I love Nags Head. Of all the placesI have been blessed to travel, Nags Head is my favorite place on this planet.
come on tomorrow!!