Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why my best friend is my best friend...

Last night I had this idea to post about my friend Lindsey.  She and I have been friends for 20 years. We have known each other for 23, but the first three years we didnt realize what we were missing out on. Finally, in high school, Once we hung out, it was on like Donkey Kong.  My dad calls us "two of the squirreliest girls he has ever met". She and I get each other. We have the same off kilter sense of humor, we can talk for hours and hours and laugh until we puke, we find the same things funny, and most importantly we have crazy hilarious text messages with each other.

Now I love to text, it is my normal form of communication with most people. My texts are usually very simple and home soon. Or Pick up milk...or get gas in the car...or have a good day...or Im running a few minutes late.  You get the drift.

With Lindsey it usually starts with something like "Hey Napoleon, give me your tots". . Here is a rundown of a few of my favorite random textx to each other:
---Miss Dorothy...po hee.
---If I ever get another dog, Im going to name it Stalin Dogkicker Stabyou.( reference about Beyonce)
---"In chicago...just passed Medieval Times. I wanted to yell out the window 'Uncle Rat, are you there?"
---Busha made me lunch for the flight home. She included fruits and vegetables, haha. I am thinking about not eating them just on principle.

Well the other day on her facebook page, she posted a picture of Prince John from the cartoon Robin Hood and wrote "Taxes, Taxes beautiful lovely Taxes. ah ha. AH hah. forgive me a cruel chuckle..."  Well I had that movie running through my head all day.  so when I got out of work I texted her a random line from the movie. Here is a transcript of our entire text comversation (and this is why we rock)

S(thats me):  Hiss, you Deliberately Dodged.
L:Sire! Dee-dee-dee did you see?!?!  AUGH! Hiss! Stop hissing in my ee-uh!
S: I had a childhood crush on Robin hood...even though he was a cartoon fox.
L: ME TOO!!!!
S:...and THAT is why we are friends
L: And I wanted lady cluck to play badminton with.
S: I have been thinking about that movie all day and laughingto myself
L: heehee, me too. Peter Ustinov was the perfect voice for PJ. And that turtle..."yay dad".  Such an awesome movie
(a few minutes elapse)
S:There is nothing more frustrating than a traffic backup for no apparent cause. It's stop and go and then just opens up...grrrr
L: Like some idiots though "I'll slam on my brakes for the hell of it!"
(a few more minutes elapse)
S: Ive been saying aha aha all day.
S: but like how Prince John said it. Not just aha.
L: I know what you mean. I did that in the van this morning. The children were not as appreciative as they should have been at my acting prowess.
S: WHat do they know anyways. Kids are never as appreciative as we think they should be.
S: I tried to teach my kids about Lambert the Sheepish Lion. They looked at me like I had three heads.
L: LAMBERT! CRIPES! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT LAMBERT! I must order that book on Amazon immediately.
S: I know, right? Remember the cartoon of it? I did the sheep bleat and everything and they thought I had lost my mind.
L: Hahahahaha! Kids. Dont know nuttin'.

Seriously, who has conversations like this?  We do, thats who. And thats why she will always be my friend.

So Lindsey, this one is for you...laaaaaaaambert the Sheepish Lion.(complete with the voice bleating)
are she and I the only ones who had a crush on Cartoon Robin Hood fox??