Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lip balms galore

I had to re-inventory, reorder supplies etc.
I am back in business with lip balm. i have a ton of new flavors, some improved flavors and some oldies but goodies.
Each Lip Balm is custom made, never made ahead of time and waiting on a Shelf. They take a day to properly set up and cure. No preservatives, exept for the natural vitamin E that is in Rice Bran Oil. These have a somewhat long shelf life. plUS FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US.

BEESWAX: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Shea Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin

VEGAN: Carnauba wax, cocoa butter, aloe butter, shea oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil

If you need extra healing like meadowfoam oil or evening primrose, it is 3 for $8.

NEW FLAVORS: Dreamsicle(orange vanilla), Herbal Tea, Island delight, root Beer, Root Beer Float, Spearmint, Lime, Strawberry Lime, Tangerine, Tangerine-Vanilla, vanilla Milkshake

OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Classic Bestsellers): Black Cherry, cherry almond, Honey Almond, Vanilla Almond, Honey Vanilla, cherry Vanilla.

NEW CLASSICS:(new bestsellers) Raspberry Lemonade, Honeysuckle Nectarine, Skittles, Plum Apricot, Gummi Bear

MY PERSONAL FAVES: Honeysuckle Nectarine, Raspebrry Lemonade, Dreamsicle, Herbal Tea, Chai Tea

I have decided to keep my listings at 3 for $6, permanently.
Beeswax AND Vegan.

So Check out THEBALMSHOPPE for the flavor descriptions. I currently carry the following flavors (and many flavors can be combined to make your own personal preference.)

Monday, July 20, 2009


happy birthday. woooooooo.

Another year, another grey hair another line in my crows feet.
I wont lie, this year kind of sucked.
Since my last birthday post 1 year ago things have really changed.
I have started back to school full time. I am hardly ever home. I hardly have time to cook or clean. My house is a wreck and my kids live on cereal and PB&J sandwiches.
My husband finally has a good job, but works 2nd shift, so I hardly ever see him.
I go to bed late, wake up too early and feel like crap most days.
I have yo yo'd with my weight, struggled with my diet and my self esteem has taken a nosedive.
I have great intentions to go to the Y, but wake up feeling like garbage and decide to sleep instead of doing what I need to do, thus perpetuating the cycle.
I yelled too much at my kids and lost my temper too easily. i even had THREE friends take me aside in concern, asking if there was anything they could do to help me out and point out that I was not the same Sarah they used to know.
I attended a friends wedding as a bridesmaid and had a severe case of PMS with bloating and cramps the day of. I felt like humpty dumpty the whole night.
Peter had a health scare that just about broke my spirit.
I have struggled with my testimony and faith.
I have struggled with my callings at church.
I have struggled financially.
I have struggled with depression and anxiety.

BUT on the plus side this year was also really great:
I started back to school full time. I am almost done and in a few months will be starting off on a career that I really love. My in laws are living with us for the summer, watching the kids and helping out with the house. I am able to come home to a straight house, happy kids and they get real food other than sandwiches and cold cereal.
Yes I dont get to see charles as often, but he no longer works weekends so I get to see him all weekend and in the mornings before I go to school
I do go to bed too late and my kids do wake me up too early. Maybe that is something I can work on.
I have finally made up my mind, made the commitment and have the resolve to stop the madness once and for all with my diet and exercise. I have enlisted Charles to help and am forcing him along.
I have made the concerted effort to stay calm with my kids. I have really paid attention to my "hot buttons" and "trigger issues" and if I feel something coming along I can diffuse the situation easier.
I had three friends pull me aside and tell me I wasnt the same Sarah they used to know and they were concerned. It proved to me that I have loving and caring friends who are looking out for me.
I reconnected with old friends and made new ones at my friends wedding, humpty dumpty and all.
Peters health scare turned out all right in the end. A lot of "why me" and crying etc, but he is completely healthy and fine thanks to his medicinal regiment etc.
I have struggled with my testimony and faith. Then I was called to give a talk in church. My first talk in 12 years. It was exactly the lesson I needed to learn. It made me go back and revisit memories and feelings from my past. It made me realize what I was missing and how to get it back.
I have struggled with my callings, but realized that I just need to have an open mind and work hard and the blessings will come. I struggled with the Activity day Girls, but opened my heart to them and they are the nicest, sweetest most loving group of girls, who just want to love and share. They are so creative and fun and I have found myself so impressed with them and their sweet spirits.
I have struggled financially, but now charles has a really good job and is bringing home a steady paycheck plus commissions plus really great insurance. We can pay the bills, have leftover money and see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. We have set up a savings account, set up a coin and tip jar and see our savings and finances really picking up. In a few months I will have a job making money as well.

We got to go to Disney World, all expenses paid. We had a great time as a family.
We got to go to Disney On Ice, The WBT Skyshow fireworks, apple-picking, to the beach, to a UNC basketball game and had a feature story on Carolina news 14.
Finn started Kindergarten and despite all the notes and telephone calls home about him, he did exceptionally well on his report card.
Peter was in 2nd grade and did so well. His teacher and his PE teacher worked extra hard with him and I saw so much improvement.
We planned, booked and paid for a cruise to the caribbean with charles family for his mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. We planned, booked and paid for fun excursions for this cruise(when I say "we" i really mean "I")

so despite all the bads, there were a lot of goods.
So bring it on life, I am ready for this next year. Hit me with your best shot.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok so PET and Hoods have been doing this since forever, but their stuff is crap. remember as a kid you would get the little styrofoam cup of vanilla ice cream and peel off the lid and it would be mushy and not taste very good? You would eat it with the little wooden tongue depressor?? It always left a film in my mouth and never tasted right.
Well Problem solved!!

Ben and Jerry...Thank you.

Ifound these at Bi-Lo's last night. I had never seen them before. They are less than 4oz cups and come with a little spoon under the lid. These are perfect for me, as when I eat ice cream I ALWAYS overscoop. These are the perfect serving size for dieters! You just want a little bit and dont want to go overboard...or have an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream in their freezer tempting and calling their name.

They come in great flavors, like Cherry Garcia, Strawberry Cheesecake, double fudge brownie...

thank goodness I couldnt find chubby hubby or wavy gravy...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation nazi strikes again

Poor Charles. For 3 weeks straight, I have relentlessly hounded him. I have bugged him with; "what excursion do you want to take?" "do you want sting ray city with 2 stops or 3?" "Should we pay an extra 20$ so it includes lunch?" "Should we bring our own snorkel gear or use the free stuff?" "So you want the beach or do you want to snorkel?" "Can you please make up your mind?" "You tell me to plan it then when I do you get huffy and call me the vacation nazi. I dont think I appreciate your tone" "You want to go by yourself? I can arrange that!" "Fine, go slam the door and sulk crybaby," "Dont think you are getting any vacation sex!!" What do you mean you wont want any?!" "FINE!"
(mumble grumble curse curse curse)
So with little input other than an occasional wishy washy "sounds good" or "what ever you want baby", this is what I have planned, reserved, booked and made deposits on. Having cruised in the past I learned my lesson about paying the high price of buying the cruise ship excursions. You pay more and are packed in with a ton of other passengers. So I found some local reputable companies that were highly rated on cruise critic and trip advisor. I am paying half the price I would than if I booked through Carnival.
In cozumel Charles and I are taking a glass bottom boat tour two of the best reefs in Cozumel. It is a smaller boat and only takes 20 people maximum. It includes snorkeling and refreshments.

In Grand Cayman we are taking a boat tour to Stingray City. You go to a special bay where the docile rays come and get fed. You can swim, play, pet and hug on them. They love people, are very gentle and love to show off. Wethen go to a nearby barrier reef for snorkeling. At the end we stop off at 7 mile beach for some final play time.
In Roatan(honduras) we are taking a zipline excursion through the jungle!! I am REALLY excited about this. We will be at a place that has the jungle canopy ziplines, a monkey habitat and exotic birds etc. Then we head over to the beach for lunch and fun.

And finally, the one I am REALLY the most excited about. Lamanai Mayan Ruins in Belize.
We take a busride through the countryside to get to the river and take a boat ride through the jungle to Lamanai. Then we get 2 hours at the ruins AND we get to climb around on them and everything. We end it with a traditional belizean lunch of chicken, rice and beans.
I am just super excited. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my passport. I am so giddy I am willing to overlook the HORRID "well you are stuck with it for 10 years" photo they slapped in it.
UGH. But the stamps and memories will be totally worth the border guards laughing at me and my scared deer in headlights expression in my passport book.
So now that everything is planned, what is a vacation Nazi to do???
PLAN VEGAS in 2011!!! watch out girls, im on a roll!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My diet...for the millionth time. The webs free Diet Tracker
I have been working hard to lose weight. i finally got serious when I caught glance of myself in a mirror at school and realized just how awful I looked. It doesnt matter how many cute haircuts I get, or the great new color I have, or the nice french tip nails or pedicures, if I look like humpty dumpty I am going to feel bad about myself. If my joey pouch is a dunlap (it's done lapped over my belt) I get mad and then binge eat to hide my depression.
I realize I eat in the following situation:
  • anger
  • depression
  • financial worries
  • Peter stress
  • school stress
  • social setting

So looking at this list it is like 90% of my day.

So I have set a goal and am sticking to it. I am keeping track of what I eat. I am keeping track of exercise.
I have taped up pictures of skinny me to the fridge and cabinets, so when I am tempted to reach for a snack I see them and realize what I am working for.
A huge problem was going out to eat. At school I woulf go out to eat instead of bringing my lunch. It is kind of hard to lose weight eating chinese and chick fil-a and wendys and Bojangles every day.
So I have started bringing my lunch...and only bringing my drivers license with me. No cash, no credit cards. So i cant go out to eat even if I wanted as I have no money with me. I cant even go to the vending machine, which has ZERO healthy options. When I go out to eat with friends I will tell them that I am on a diet and need them to help me find something healthy to eat. I will ask for a box at the start of a meal and immediately put half of it away for leftovers and only eat a healthy portion size.
It has forced me to think about what I should be eating. I have to wake up a little earlier every day to make my lunch. I have to keep the fridge stocked with healthy fruits and vegetables and smart snacks.
I dont have a ton of time to get to the YMCA every day, so once this bronchitis moves out I will be back early mornings. (I jumped on the trampoline yesterday...mistake. I am not quite ready for strenuous lung exercise yet)
So i have a list of activities I can do when I am feeling angry or depressed or sad etc.
I only eat at the kitchen table now, instead of in front of the TV or while at the computer playing games. I am trying to deprogram myself from mindless eating.
I know it is all about moderation and exercise and is a complete lifestyle change. I just need to reach down deep inside and find that motivation. I need to embrace this change completely so I can be the best me ever. so I can look back and think that my 30s were way better than my 20s. That I was happier and healthier and sexier than the old me.
So I am off to look at my gorgeous bathing suit picture from 15 years ago, which has a prominent featured place on the freezer, which is where I keep the ice cream, and find that strength to be the new and improved Sarah.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Of course.

so I get up at 630 this morning to work out. I had it all planned out. I would wake up, come downstairs before my kids and do Pilates.
a few years back I purchased the Windsor Pilates off of some infomercial. I mean, Daisy Fuentes uses it and look how great her body is. However I used it about 5 times and shelved it to be forgotten.
I have been having lower back pain and heel pain and every night I go to bed and my legs are burning. I need a REALLY great stretch to loosen up to help alleviate all of these things.
I was actually looking forward to it. I really was.
I get dressed in my yoga pants and cute T-shirt, head downstairs and pull out my (dusty) Pilates DVD. I Open the case and one of the disks is missing.
I have Disk One, which is a 29 minute DVD on Pilates basics, showing you the moves etc.
I have the accelerated fat burning workout for those who dont have a lot of time. But the actual 20 minute workout DVD is gone. i cannot find it anywhere.
so I think to myself, well I can at least do the basics video, maybe get a few stretches in.
Oh no. Apparently that is not part of the plan. The basics DVD is all scratched and dented and the very center is cracked and broken.
So here I am, awake, trying to do the right thing by exercising and the fates are against me.
I thought I would go out and jump on the trampoline, but it had rained so it is all wet. Plus my kids are up and they would want to jump with me and I would get no peace.

Now that I am up maybe I will just go to the YMCA and work out.
I have about 9 weeks until I go to the Caribbean and am forced to snorkel in a swimsuit. If that is not motivation I dont know what is. But then I have to find my good workout shoes and socks, I have to find my MP3 Player, I have to get my water bottle blah blah blah.
I guess i am just finding excuses. But I really had it in my head to do some pilates.
I will have to run to Target today and pick up a new DVD.

Maybe I will just go back to bed...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Walter Walter Walter

I watched this episode of Wipeout the other day.
This is my favorite contestant. I laughed so hard at poor walter.

"You will probably hear me scream like a girl"...
seriously I rewound this guy on my DVR like 5 times to watch it again and again and again.
It really made my day.

wanna know what else made my day?? i FINALLY beat my 6 year old at Mario carts!!!

Have a great weekend.

My New Toy

I have wanted a Cricut Cutter for quite some time.
Every time I walk into Michaels or A.C. Moore, I pass by the scrapbooking section, salivating over the personal cutter...then reeling back in horror at the tremendous pricetag.
I scour ads for coupons, only to realize in disappointment that they cannot be used on Cricut or Cricut products. blast.
Then last week, around the 4th of July, I walked into Michales with a sole purpose. To buy some Ribbon. what started out as a harmless 20$ adventure(MAX) turned into something 10 times as much.
As the glass doors of the craft retailer parted, there it was. Stacked in a beautiful pyramid, a light bathing it in a halo of wonder. A sign announced that the Cricut was on sale. And not just any sale 50% OFF!!! AND it came with a full font and basic shapes cartridge. PLUS all their other cartridges were 50% off!! Having just received a comission check AND a paycheck I felt obligated to stimulate the economy a little bit. And, as I told my husband, It was 50% off!! It was only 99 dollars!! Thats Less than 100!! I can do Christmas Cards!! I can scrapbook!! I can make cards!! Think of how much money we will save!! (trust me, I sold the heck out of this one)
All he said was " Thats fine, but thats your birthday present" (which is in 2 weeks, just an FYI)
Here is my New Cricut personal cutter:

I spent all day figuring out all the buttons and doo dads and rules and instructions. So after playing around, here are some cards I ended up with. I really love the cherry blossom cards(obviously. I made like 10 of them)

By the way...I completely walked out of Michaels without any ribbon.