Monday, May 23, 2011

Retro College Years embarassment photo...

This was a Girls Choice Formal Dance.
My date was Opera Man (his real name was Josh but he sang Opera...hence Opera Man)

Zeke could do the most hilarious animal impressions.  I didnt know Alan a whole Lot and Michael  was addicted the the game Quake(??)...something like that.  So addicted in fact he likened ones personal religious beliefs and standards to the game.  It was wierd. I digress.

Krista and Elisa and I went skiing together for the first time about a week or so before this dance.  We went to Alta Ski Resort.
It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, clear blue skies, and absolutely excellent skiing conditions.
After 6 or so hours on the slopes we headed back to Elisas car...and discovered that our faces hurt so bad we could barely talk.
WE DIDNT PUT ON ANY SUNSCREEN!!  That sun refleced off that snow and burned us so badly we looked like Giant tomatoes and Carrots.  We had to go to the health center and get antibiotic cream, we were so burned and blistered.
I could feel the heat POUNDING in my face everytime I walked outside in the cold mountain air. My skin was so hot it could melt ice cubes. It was ridiculous.
We had to work at Vegas Night fundraiser with Lobster faces, had to go to the Dance the color of Neon Glow in an Ice Cream Shop window.
On the plus side, about 2 to 3 weeks down the road the burns peeled off into a great healthy tan...just not in time for this great picture.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First, I'd like to thank my mom and dad...and my fans...and the producers...

Yep, I got a blog award(That was my acceptance speech in the title...) uhh anyways.

Jehan over at Jehan is not supermom gave it to me. It is the Versitile Blogger Award.
The rules of this are very easy:

1. Thank the person who awarded you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 discovered bloggers

So Thank you Jehan!!
Now onto 7 things about myself. I dont want to give away the farm, spill all my secrets. Then what would I have to write about? so without further ado:
1. I am secretly addicted to Murder shows. i Love Snapped, Cold Case Files and Wicked Attraction.
2. I love rubbing bald heads.  I work as a hair restoration technologist and I get to work with them everyday. Its probably a reason they all say I give the best shampoo.(uhh ok maybe that was a tad wierd. Perhaps I should keep this on a more normal level)
3. I have to have an animal or pet at all times.  If I dont I go crazy.
4. I have recently discovered the joy of sushi.  I used to hate it,the texture would make me gag. The seaweed was chewy and fishy tasting, I just couldnt do it.  Then I found this restaurant near my house that makes the worlds BEST SUSHI!  I would eat there every day if I had the money.  My favorites are California rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls and Alaska Rolls.
5.I love the smell of a new box of crayons.  I love it when we do back to school shopping for the boys and they have to get the new supplies. I open them up and sniff them like they are going out of style.
6. I am a bottled water snob. I wont drink water from the tap. It either has to be from a water cooler or a bottled water. If it is bottled water it needs to be Fiji. I will drink other brands of bottled water if i have to, but I wont be happy about it. and it needs to be very cold. The colder the water the better it tastes in my opinion.
7. I am notorious UFO-er.(unfinished objects-er).  I buy all these kits and supplies and yarns and fabrics. I get started or halfway through and then put it away and promptly forget about it. I have a zillion unfinished objects in my storage room.  Cross stitch, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, etc etc etc. Its a sickness.
so thats about all i can think of. 
Now onto the recipients of the VBA:
1. Zab over at my back door
2. Devany at Devanys Designs
3.Holli at 3 wishes
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thanks to all for reading. I know I dont get to write as often as I like, but I do truly appreciate all the comments and love and visits!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my mom! Happy Mothers Day!

In honor of Mothers Day I am posting one of my favorite pictures of me and my mom.
This was taken around 1979 or 1980. 
I really love it because I look at it and I can see my kids in my face, I can see me in my moms face and I feel the whole circle is complete.
When everyone tells me the kids look just like Charles, I can pull out these pictures and see that they are a little bit me, too. I wasnt just an oven.
Even though my mom went to college full time, she still made time for us. She still kept the house clean, the laundry done, the lunches packed, the dinners cooked and everything else on top of it.
This picture to me sums up her love for me and my brothers. She would always take the time to let us know how much she loved us and appreciated us.
After college she worked as a nurse full time. She has the best time management of anyone I know.  She always seemed to have it together.  I always feel I am floundering and wonder how on earth she was able to get everything done!  I have a new and great respect for her as a mom and working mother and wife.

fast forward 30+ years...

I love my mom, she is still a beautiful lady. (and whoever does her hair does a FANTASTIC job...)
Would you believe she is 65??
Happy Mothers Day to my mom.

a wonderful Mothers day

So today I woke up without an alarm. The birds were chirping, the sky is blue(ish) and my kids are getting along.  My cats Rusty and Skittles must know it's my special day, as they have been circling my legs, meowing and wanting attention all morning (Oh, wait they havent been fed. Thats what they want).

I have a bounteous supply of gifts from my hubby and kids to share.

Last night we went to Carrabbas Italian Grill.  One of my fave restaurants. Considering we got there at 6pm and it was Mothers Day Weekend AND Prom, we were lucky we got a seat fairly quickly. Only a 15 minute wait. Thankfully we got there when we did, as it quickly escalated to a 2 hour wait by the time we had left.
I had the Trout Nicciola.  It was a hazelnut crusted Trout, wood grilled with tomatoes, basil and lemon butter sauce.  It was delicious. We had started off with one of my favorite appetizers, Calamari.  They also bring the hot fresh italian bread and olive oil with the herbs and spices for dipping. LOVE IT.

Then my Hubba Bubba, who knows me so well, got me THE BEST GIFT EVER!!
If anyone really knows me, they know I LOVE Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.  I will watch it at least once or twice a month, and I LOVE the music.  In my head, I am Penny. Watch out Joss Whedon, you may have another internet sensation on your hands, starring ME!
HE GOT ME THE DR HORRIBLE SING ALONG BLOG BOOK!!!!!  It has pictures, notes, full script, commentaries, behind the scened, drafts, sketches and best of all THE MUSIC SCORE!!  The OFFICIAL music score.

I then got to open the gifts from my children.  Peters class had made all the mothers a Recipe book.  each child had to bring in a favorite recipe. They typed them up and compiled them.  It has 25 great recipes in it, which I am excited to try out!

Finn Hid his present to me in my closet, and I had to try and find it.
It is a small hand painted flower pot with chocolates and candies in it.  The thumbprint flowers, caterpillers and ladybuge.  Super cute.  Then the "coupon bouquet" card.  The coupons include Write something nice, draw something ncie, a hug, dirty clothes and wash windows.
Inside the card he had written a poem:
Loving, Kind, Helpful
WHo likes to do hair and play
Wii with the family
Who uses the computer to play Zuma
Who wants to go to Disney World
Who needs a clean house
Who gives me and my brother money
for doing our chores
who says "do your homework"
who loves Chocolate.
Love, Finn.

Now hubba bubba is going to try and make me French Toast....but thats a completely different blog!
Happy Mothers day to all past, present and future mothers out there!