Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah.

No more
"mom, Im bored"
"mom can I play the wii?"
"mom can you take us to the pool?"
"mom, I dont want to do  my chores"
"Mom I dont want to read a book"
"mom, Im Hungry"(ugh if I heard that again I was going to lose my s***)

I actually danced a little jig...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Finny Foo Foo

August 2003. My baby was born after 23 hours of HARD, NON MEDICATED labor.  Yeah, thats how I roll.
When he was born at 8 1/2 pounds and 20 inches long I looked at him and said "He looks just like Peter".  And he did. Exactly.
we have baby pictures that I wouldnt be able to tell apart without dates on them.
whereas Peter was long and skinny, Finny Foo Foo was my plump, roly poly Michelin Man. He was just such a LOVER!

Finn is my little ray of sunshine. He is always So happy and sweet and loving.  He loves having his back scratched and his tummy tickled.  He finds joy in everything and just makes me so happy.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Finny over the past few years. Birthdays, Vacations, Fun Pictures, First Day of School etc.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RIP my dear friend (1995-2010)

Sigh.  A Sad day indeed.
A few weeks back we lost a good friend. My 1995 Mitsubishi Galant.
She was old.  she had LOTS of miles.  She broke the front CV joint and it would have cost WAY too much money to repair. (sniff)
I bought this car in college.  I took it with me all the way out to Utah. Back and forth from Logan to Chicago. Then to cincinnati. Then across the river to Ft Mitchell KY...then onto Charlotte where my friend called home for 11 more years.
You were a good car and I loved you.
Lots of great times and fond memories in that car.

1. The day I got it my two friends and I went to downtown Chicago to the restaurant Ed Debevic's.  on the way back we took a wrong turn.  When we realized where we had ended up my friend in the front seat said "Oh no, we're in Cabrini Green! Get down!! Get Down!!".  I prayed my hardest as I gripped the steering wheel of my baby.  We made it out unscathed and alive.

2. When I went out to College, a large group of us decided to go up to Bear Lake, Idaho and have a picnic and fun day at the beach.  It was so much fun!  Cold and windy, slightly drizzly, we still had a great time.

3. Driving down to las vegas for Spring Break. Losing money. Having a blast.

4. Make Out sessions with boyfriends.  Marrying one of the boyfriends and going on my honeymoon in this car.

5. Driving back and forth between Chicago and Cincinnati to visit friends. 

6. Driving down to Charlotte to make a new life for ourselves.

7. That car has had 3 children ride in its seats.

8. That car has been to disney world and back and seen lots of good times.

I will miss my car.  But whats been the hardest is being down to 1 car. So trying to find a new job and have a job AND charles have a job at the same time is next to impossible right now. So hopefully something will come along that we can afford.

So Rest in Peace my Mitsubishi Galant. I shall miss thee.