Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All this free time....

I am a TV junkie. ugh, am I ever!
Jeopardy, Simpsons, Family Guy, American dad, Chuck, Dancing with the stars, Glee, House, Bones, Ghost Hunters, Modern family, Mythbusters, American Idol, Community, The Office, 30 Rock, Marriage Ref, Ghost Whisperer, The soup, Tosh.0,  Americas Next Top Model(both current and rerun marathons), snapped, Cold Case Files, and any movies or documentaries that happen to come on and look interesting.
King Tut, Cleopatra, Praying Mantises, History of Gay filmmaking,  Shark week, Bug week...Not to mention a computer full of True Blood and Sex in the City.
Somthing unbelieveable happened this week....my shows are all done.  All of them have the season finale and wont be back until the fall. WHAAAAAA?????  I have watched everything on my DVR. I have watched all my True Blood.  I have watched all my downloaded movies I wanted to see.
What am I going to do??
so you think you can dance doesnt start until Thursday.  Then Wipeout starts end of June.  thats only 2 shows??
My husband works the late afternoon/night shift right now at work.  When i put the kids to bed I relax on the couch and watch a few hours to television to unwind. how what??
I saved the Princesson Mario Brothers Wii and unlocked the secret 9th world.  I have gold medals in all the mario kart races for all the bikes AND the mirror cup.

I suppose I could clean my house.  Catch up on the laundry that has been b****-smacking me in the face every time I go downstairs into the laundry room.  Mostly towels and sheets.  Good think I have a linen closet FULL of extras.
I could walk the dog.
I could exercise.
I could make a menu for the week and write out a shopping list.
I could balance the budget and catch up on our excel spreadsheet.


So I went to the Library and checked out 6 books. That should last me a week.
I had to check them out on Charles card.  I went to give them mine...I have 37 dollars in outstanding fines on my card. 37 DOLLARS!! How is this possible??  Mostly they were books for my kids. Junie b Jones, Thomas, Frances etc. 3 years worth of fines.
I picked out a bunch of girlie books, you know chick lit.  I checked out one of my favorite Jane Austen books, Sense and Sensibility.
I chose my books based purely on gulty pleasure, cover art and colors and titles.
I also picked two that were on my goodreads list.
Next week I will pay my library fine and be able to have my own card back.  I know Charles was embarassed as heck to have some of these titles on his card. as we were walking out I said "Nice girlie books you have there, man."

My choices:
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.
P.S. I love you by cecelia Ahern
The Kept Man by Jami Attenber
The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by tiffany Baker
Very Valentine by Adriana Trigani
Cover girl confidential by Beverly  Bartlett.

I used to read voraciously. I dont know what happened. I could read 4, 5, 6 books a week and not bat and eye.  Now it takes me a week  to read just one book. I wonder if speed reading is like knowing a foreign language.  the less you speak, the more fluency you lose.
I hope not.  I miss my books. I am ready to get back into it, and a bag full of beach reads is just the thing to do it!

Hello my old friends...
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