Saturday, September 25, 2010

Going back to work

I start back to work full time on Tuesday.  Full Full time.
I wanted to take a job at a salon.A real salon. I had one in mind, but things kept going wrong
whenever I went to accept.  My car died.  My other car had a meltdown and cost us 700 dollars to repair.
I WANTED to take the salon job.  But seriously, everytime I picked up the phone I was spending inordinate amounts of money on things that broke.  My bank account couldnt handle it anymore.  I guess that was Gods way of saying "DON'T!!".  So I listened, and things calmed down.

Then one day while perusing the web I stumbled quite by accident onto a local salon postings website. I saw an add for a company and was intrigued. It said 2 years experience required, which I dont have.  But I felt compelled to read on.
 Salary PLUS commission PLUS Tips.  It also Included Paid training, continuing education, health, vision, dental, 401k, paid vacations and more.
So despite the fact I didnt have 2 years salon experience I still really felt good about applying. I kind of balked like "they will never look at my resume", But for some reason could not stop myself from applying.
Within 2 days I had a call from corporate saying they liked my resume and could they schedule a pre-screening interview.
Here is the process as it went down last month.

WEDNESDAY  Filled out application and sent in resume.
FRIDAY: Had e-mail asking to call to set up interview. Called immediately and set it up for Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY(pre screening interview):  had interview. Felt it went really well. Lady said she had several more interviews and would let me know by the end of the week.
LATER THAT DAY:  She calls and says she is sending my resume to our branch and would know by the end of the week if they are interested in meeting with me.
LATER LATER THAT DAY:  She calls back and said they were so interested and could I come in Tomorrow or the next day for a face to face.

FRIDAY: Face to Face interview with Center Director.  Went VERY well. We really clicked and she liked the fact that I havent always done hair.  i have sales and retail and management background. They are considering that as experience as well as my salon experience.  She told me she had quite a few other interviews and would call me the following week if they wanted me to come in for a skills assessment with their technical supervisor.
LATER THAT DAY:  Manager calls me back and says "we love you. Can you come in for a technical skills assessment with the supervisor. Afterwards you may get a call from the regional technical skills manager as a final screening interview."  Heck yeah!

TUESDAY:  Went in and completed my technical skills assessment.  I had to do a mens clipper cut and style. A womens cut and style, relaxer, and cornrows. I answered questions about technical skills and techniques.  Again I felt it went well, considering I was using mannequins and it felt like State Board all over again.
LATER THAT DAY:  manager calls and said they wanted me to complete the final phase and the final phone interview with the regional supervisor.

THURSDAY:  Had final interview call with regional supervisor.  She said she would let the manager know she had interviewed me and wished me luck.

FRIDAY:  Got an e-mail saying they really thought I would make a great addition to the team and that they would get in touch within a few weeks after she got back from vacation and training etc.

Fast Forward 3 weeks:  I got the call saying they wanted me as part of the team and offered me the position!
I start this tuesday.  I will be working at a Well Known Hair restoration company as a stylist.

WHAT I LOVE:  40 hours a week. I have sundays and Mondays off. I know exactly when I will be working, It is a typical 9-5 job. No nights.  I have a private consultation suite and private room.
They do all the bookings. I dont have to recruit clients. I dont have to market myself to bring in new clients. It is all done for me as it is the program members that we service. I go in everyday, get my print out of customers for the day and get to work.
Room for Advancement. This is a great company to work for. With hard work and dedication and education I can really move up.
I had always seen myself as a stylist in an upscale salon cutting and coloring and foiling all day.
But now I saw a different direction i can take in the hair industry.  it isnt always about cutting and coloring and foiling and fantasy hair and editorial and runway work.  It is about helping people who have lost their hair and helping them look and feel their best and helping them restore their confidence.
I am just so excited I cant wait!

So here is to going back to work full time again and working for a GREAT company and doing something I LOVE.
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