Monday, March 19, 2012

Im procrastinating....

Mondays are my day off. Mondays are the day I get the house clean, laundry done, sheets changed, toilets scrubbed, grocery shopping done etc. 
I have gone on strike...

We havent had a winter here. It has been nothing but gorgeous. I have had no cold weather to keep me indoors since November...and even then it wasnt terrible.
So on  Mondayds, instead of doing what i SHOULD be doing, I dilly dally. I find excuses to go outside...or read...or listen to music...or make a list of what NEEDS to get done. Or I will go through and do a quickie. Not really doing what needs to be done. Coasting along, just enough cleaning to keep the house "clean enough" but not "CLEAN".  I even made lists of eco-friendly household cleansers to use. In fact I even made my own eco friendly cleanser I found on Pinterest. (OK, Pinterest, another time suck reason I havent been on top of things as I should. Curse you twine, foam wreaths, glue guns and twig tutorials!)
Now last monday I DID attempt to get it into gear. I deep cleaned the bathroom upstairs, even bleach soaked the shower curtain and everything. And Saturday Charles really made a dent in the downstairs family room and laundry room.
But I am stuck with 2 months of SERIOUS Monday chores.  I can no longer ignore it. Its ridiculous. I only have myself to blame.
So why am I on Blogger bitching about it instead of getting my lazy you know what in gear and JUST DO IT!! Just ignore the 80 degree temps outside, and bite the bullet and get your manky kitchen floor mopped already woman!
Get those sheets off the bed. Get that toilet scrubbed. Get the meat out of the freezer for dinner because you are NOT tricking your husband into taking you out yet AGAIN.(but Sarah, your favorite sushi restaurant is open on Mondays now...just saying).

so here we go. the computer....lets...gooooooooo.

Ok yeah, Im still here.
Im procrastinating. Putting off the inevitable. Prolonging the to-do list.

Ok just turn on some music, get out the supplies and go to town.

anyone want to go out to lunch? shopping?
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