Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 I hardly knew ye...2015 watch out!!

Its that time of year again. Out with the old and in with the new. I cannot believe how FAST this year had flown by. My year consisted of a whole lot of Carowinds Amusement Park, The Beach, and Work.

Finn graduated from 5th grade and advanced on to Jr. High.  Since Peter started 8th grade this year, they are both in the same school again, albeit only for a year.
Charles Decided to go back to school and has been applying to various Radiological Technician programs in Charlotte.  We should know by March if he has been accepted. Fingers crossed.
I have only gained back a small portion of the weight I lost last year, and that was due to my own negligence.  But, belts have been tightened and salads have been divvied! This year I will get those last stubborn few pounds off.
We started remodeling our kitchen (ourselves). That has been fun. Took out some cabinets to open up the layout .
 Got some new furniture that I have been desperately wanting for 17 years. (its nice to have hand me downs, but it was time to grow up and get my own.)
Finn started playing the viola...that has been an experience.  He also thinks he wants to get into doing Parkour. I have no idea what that means, but he seems pretty adamant about it.  Anything that will get him out and active!
i took up running.  To those who say it gets easier and you learn to love it. you lie.  Although it has gotten easier, I STILL hate it.

So what are my goals this year??  I find that I do better with vague overall well-being goals than deliberate specific resolutions.  With specific measurable resolutions I find myself discouraged when I break one and I think "well whats the point?""I will exercise 3-4 times per week".  Yep, aint gonna happen.
But with more broad goals, it is easier to feel like I am accomplishing something. "get more exercise" is a lot easier for me, because as long as I am doing SOMETHING, it is more than what I was doing.
So this year my thoughts are as follows:

1. Count my blessings a little more often. I want to show more gratitude to my heavenly father, and to those around me. Not just at thanksgiving, but all the time.

2. Making more memories with my loved ones. Time is short. This year at work we lost several clients, and found out that others are going through health crises. These are people I have come to respect, admire and love(almost like family). I don't want those around me to never know how much I love them and should the unthinkable happen, I want happy memories that they can always look back on and remember fun and laughter, yet also love and service.

3. Make healthier lifestyle choices to continue maintaining my weight loss. This means exercising more, getting more sleep, drinking more water, and working harder to keepa large portion of  gluten, dairy and sugar out of my diet. Everything in moderation.

4. Stop worrying about what other people think of me. I need to do what makes me happy and not worry about the talking and gossip. I have been trying to be a more authentic me and not stifle that because they might think I am weird. Yes, I am quirky and eccentric and I need to not be embarrassed of that.To quote Weezer "I don't care what they say about us anyway...I dont care about that"(OKI know that was from The Blue Album in 1994, but it still applies).  

5. Be Nice and Work Hard. Our Regional manager AJ gave us that quote when he came to visit our center ,and I love it. So simple. Just be nice. Always. Work hard. Always. Be the best you can be. 

6. Do not stifle others dreams. My biggest flaw with my kids is not encouraging them to do the things they want to do because "it isn't practical" etc. Finn wants to be a professional skateboarder. Is it practical? No. But he has an interest in it, and who am i to tell him he cant do something. Will he ever be a Tony Hawk or Jamie Thomas? Probably not, but I cant tell him that.Who knows. Maybe he will. If I listened to those who told me no to things I wouldn't have the amazing career that I do. so this year I am encouraging others around me to step outside their comfort zones (MY comfort zone) and DO IT!

and last but not least...
. 7.. BE HAPPY. Men are that they might have joy. If we ask, the Lord will always provide what we need. I know that to be true, i have seen it countless times in my own life. If I am unhappy the Lord has always given me the tools to help me change my circumstances.

Here is to grabbing 2015 by the you know whats and making it the best year ever.

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