Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finn, the author

The end of the school year is winding down.  The boys have been bringing home the contents of their desk daily.
This weekend Finn(age 6) brought home about a years worth of writing assignments and samples and stories that he has done in class.

Here are a bunch of my favorites: I have included original spelling, and italicized the translation where needed

These are a series of papers that he did throughout the year, and they are not in order.  The ones that have a LOT of spelling mistakes were from the begining of the school year.
What I LOVE about these are his little conversations he has in the middle of his compositions. 
Oh anc in case you dont sense a theme, he REALLY wants to be a firefighter.

The best of Finns first Grade compositions...

Ha ferb I now what wer going to do today (Hey Ferb, I know what we're going to to today)
Wer going to billd something, but wat? (we're going to build something, but what?)
I now, we will billed gravody (I know, we will build gravity)
Finyis!(phinneas) What are you doing?
 We are going to billd gravody (We are going to build gravity)
Im telling mom you are so bustid(busted) and how can you billd gravody?(build gravity)
I donte now (I dont know)
ha, so you cant billd gravody (you cant build gravity)
we cod if we hav the rite blue printce to mace the mosheen. (we could if we had the right blue-prints to make the machine)
No so im still telling mom and wen she is houm you are bustid (when she is home you are busted) 

I lost my tooth
put it undr yor piloe(put it under your pillow)
ho ca (okay)
the tooth faree I did it!

Wen I groe up I wont to be a firfidr (when i grow up I want to be a firefighter)
I wont to jump in firs (I want to jump in fires) and save peeple(and save people)
and put out firs (put out fires)
and duriv the chruc (and drive the truck)
and be the bos(boss)
becus I ned to sav peepl wen thy ned it. (because I need to save people when they need it)

How oed do you haf to be a firefigdr?(how old do you have to be a firefighter)
I dont no.
Peter what do you wont(want) to do when you groe(grow) up?
I want to be when I groe up is a ambeelints drivre (ambulance driver)
ho(oh) I thot(thought) you wontid(wanted) to be a firfighdr (firefighter)

I can be a fire fighdr.  I am 50 years old.
No yore not
I thot(thought) she wil fol for it.(fall for it)
I still not fol for it
ho ca(okay) mom.

FIREFIGHTER #4 (eerily similar to #3)
I  can be a firefighdr, I am 30 years old.
no you are not.
I thot she will fol for it.
I would not fol for it, do not sae that (I would not fall for it do not say that)
ho cae(okay)

Being a firefighdr is varee danjrise (very dangerous)
But I want to be a firefighdr.
But i want to be a firefighdr if you want to.
Ho ca (okay)
how old do i haf to be a firefighdr
I do not noooooooooooo. (i do not knooooooowwwww)

FIREFIGHTER #6 (see #5)
Being a firefighdr is varee dandris sed dad. (being a firefighter is very dangerous said dad)
I dont care.
O Kae sed dad (okay said dad)
Im still doing it.
O Kae but Im telling you it is varee dandris (Ok but Im telling you it is very dangerous.)
I rilee wont to be a firefighdr (I really want to be a firefighter)
You can be a firefighdr is you wontto (you can be a firefighter if you want to)

what I want to be when I grow up is a fire fightr.
here is what I whent to do
jump in fires
put out fires
save people
drive troock(truck)
thats wut I wont to do (what I want to do)

My favrit part was everything
I like Dr Seuss.
What did you say?
Ho cae (okay)

I licde (liked) everything.
I love grumpy bird.
what did you say?
Ho Cae.(Okay)

I likde everything on the covr (liked everything on the cover)
I saw his underware.
You saw his underware?
Yes Peter. I saw his underware.
was it funny?
Yes Peter.

wow I did not know my cats can do that.
Mabe (maybe) our cats can be in a srcis(circus)
No? Ho cae(okay)
If our cats be in the srcis(circus) we will miss them.
good point.

I see a leprechaun.
You do?
But I cannot see it.
You do not?
Leprechauns are not reel
yes thae are.

Im beeting you spunjbob (Im beating you spongebob)
oh no you are not.
oh yes I am
that wusint nis. (that wasnt nice)

what are you doing
non of yor bisnis hoca (none of your business  okay)
Do you want to play
no patrick
do you wont to go jeleefishing(do you want to go jellyfishing)
are you shur(sure)
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