Sunday, June 27, 2010


Vote!  Vote!! Vote!!
Give Kids the World is a WONDERFUL organization down in Orlando that works with Make a Wish and other wish organization to provide a full service place to stay for families on their make a wish trips.
They are trying to win 250,000 from Pepsi for the Pepsi health initiative contest to update their villas and kingdom.

This place is FREE for people staying with wish foundations.  It is full of villas for families to stay in, complete with laundry facilities, kitchens, handicap accessible bedrooms etc.  They have an Ice cream Parlor that you can eat at any time, any day and it is free. You can go to the Gingerbread house for  breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is free.  free arcade, minigolf, little trains, pools, air hockey etc.  GKTW is run almost entirely by volunteers, special groups etc. They work with disney to bring in the Special characters for Meet and Greet.
They have a movie theater where the kids can see free movies. They have a carousel, a magic castle with a wishing well, books and movies to borrow.
They have a technology closet that you can borrow video cameras to document and record your trip.  They will then take all photos and videos and put them on a special disk for you to take home.
They supply each family with 3 day park hopper passes to Disney World. 2 Day passes to Universal Studios and a 1 day pass to Sea World. 
Every day we would come home to special gifts and prizes left for us from various organizations and volunteers. Books, movies, games, stuffed animals, pictures etc. These were for us to take home.  We ended up with a giant duffel bag FULL of memories, given to us by people who didnt even know us.

We had such an AMAZING time there, and I would LOVE to see them win the 250k to update, refurbish and keep it running smoothly.

Voting ends soon, and you are able to vote once per day.  Right now they are in 10th place, I would LOVE to see them take it to first and win the money. 

vote here.  You may have to sign up, or sign in through facebook, or follow the link on the Give Kids The World website.
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