Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Birthday, another grey hair, another almost wrinkle

Today is July 20th.  Today is my birthday. (can I get a woot woot).
I am reflecting on my life the past year and am pretty pleased with how things are looking. in fact this year was SO MUCH BETTER  than my previous year!
 In the past year between July 20, 2009 and Today I have really had some adventures!

1. I finally graduated from cosmetology School! That was SERIOUSLY the longest year of my life. It really, truly was. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done !

2. I conquered State Board. Both written and the Practical.  I am an officially licensed Cosmetologist.

3. I got a job in a salon.  It is the perfect little salon for me.  It fits with my schedule, no sundays and the owner is super cool and flexible. It gives me the experience I need  on my resume, and has taught me a lot about opening my own salon one day.

4. I helped plan a cruise for 26 people for my in laws 50th wedding anniversary.  Then I went on said cruise.  I went to Grand cayman where I got to swim with sting rays. They are like Giant Puppy Dogs and love to be held and petted and fed,. Boy do they LOVE to be fed. The SWEETEST giant rays ever! I want one.

I also got to climb on ancient Mayan Ruins in Belize
fulfilling another lifelong dream of mine. We went to the City of Lamanai in Belize, which is near the border of Guatemala.  We were able to explore this city and were able to climb this pyramid.  Yes...that is ONE ROPE to hold onto while you climb to the top.  That it, just one rope.  No railings, no elevators, no WARNING YOU CAN FALL AND DIE signs. Just a rope.  Why isnt America more like this?? in Belize they say "Ok this is a tall pyramid with steep steps. Here is a rope.  this is obviously dangerous, use your judgement I am not going to hold your hand or get sued because you are stupid".

I was able to do some amazing snorkeling in Grand Cayman, Honduras and Mexico. The water was SO BLUE, and the weather was just delightful, I could easily see myself living in the Caribbean and being perfectly happy with that.

5. We were able to go to Louisiana again and see our donor family.  We were at the Lafayette General Memorial Hospital with them to present the Hospital with their National Medals of Honor for their commitment to Organ Donation.  We were on the news and in the papers.  It was a good day for Organ Donation. We also were able to spend time with their family and let them enjoy Peter.  Not to mention we enjoyed some wonderful cajun Food!!

6. Peter was asked to be on the cover of the National Newsletter for Donate Life America. This annual report card went to every organ agency across the country.  My friend, rebecca taylor (a fantastic photographer ) took pictures for the cover.  Peter and Devans Story was also featured in the newsletter. It was really a great thing
7.  I fulfilled another item on my Bucket List.  I went to Colonial Williamsburg!  When I was about 5 years old my dad bought me a set of World Book Encyclopedias. With this set came the Childcraft books and one of those books was "Places To Know".   The book was basically "this is a palce you should try and visit because it is really cool". They had all the ancient wonders and natural wonders, cool museums, buildings etc.  One of them was Colonial Williamsburg.   So Here I am, recreating the picture from my Childcraft book, locked in the stocks!

8. I am planning on going to Las Vegas next September with some girlfriends!! so there is something fun I am looking forward to and planning!  I am also planning a disney cruise for our family  for the following spring break!   So working and saving up money for all that! It makes me excited knowing I have something to plan and something to look forward to.

So Bring it on! This Old Lady still has a lot left in her!!
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