Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little less conversation, a little more motivation

So as many of you know I have been trying DESPERATELY to lose weight. Finn is now 7 and I can no longer use the "I had a baby" excuse. 7 years, I mean...come on.
My husband gained sympathy weight through all of my pregnancies, lost a lot and then gained back with a vengeance.
we werent always heavy,. In fact when we got married I was smoking hot and he was super adorable and well proportioned.  we were SO CUTE.

Well flash forward 13 years, 3 babies, stress, eating...more stress and more eating...laziness, no exercise and more eating and here we are.
I have tried everything to get us to lose weight. I cant count how many of my blog posts start with "Ok Im starting fresh, no more messing around".  I am SUCH a loser!! geez.

I was thinking about what got us motivated to lose all the weight the first time around. Back in 2001/2002. I lost 60 pounds. He lost like 40.  he looked really good. I looked pretty good too.
I know what it was. I had something to lose weight for.  HAWAII.

My dads 60th birthday was in 2002 and he told us a few years earlier that for his 60th he was taking all 4 of his kids and their spouses to Kauai, Hawaii for a celebration.  WOO HOO!
At the begining of 2001 I got serious and buckled down.
By the time our trip rolled around I felt pretty good. I didnt feel self conscious about having my picture taken.  Yes I could have lost another 25 pounds, but I felt really good about myself and my progress.

Charles felt like Hawaii was a good reason to lose weight.  Didnt want people to mistake him for a beached whale or something.  We never went out to eat. I cooked every day. Controlled portions, vitamins and lots of water. Oh yeah, and exercise.

I have decided that if we can each lose the weight we need to get back to our first Hawaii Trip, then I will take us to Hawaii again.

I think thats pretty good motivation.  Plus next year we are going on a Disney Cruise and I will NOT have another family vacation ruined by terrible pictures of my double chin and huge fat neck. bleck.
as Stupid Tyra Banks says "Dreckitude".

Hawaii, here I come.
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