Monday, March 7, 2011

ooga, and perhaps a little booga

So I swore I wouldnt do it.  But I did.

When I was in High School I was very self conscious about my forehead. I have a wide, high forehead that I felt was just a blaring beacon of expanse on my face. It didnt help that I had an ex boyfriend that called it "box like".   It was devastating. So for the past 20 years I have had bangs because of this.

A few years ago I decided to grow out the Stacked bob that my beauty School classmates had convinced me to get. I grew out my bangs and hadnt really thought about my large "box like" forehead in quite a few years.
Last week I had a client who wanted me to make his hairline a tad lower because in his words" I have a high wide forehead like yours and I want to kind of disguise that".

All day after this comment I looked at myself in the mirror. All I could see was a huge "Awooooogah" siren blazing out over my eyebrows.  So I did what I swore I wouldnt do again. I pulled out the scissors and cut myself some bangs.

Yeah, here's the problem.  I have curly hair.  curly hair that follows no law of man or God or nature.  So in Theory the bangs were a good idea if I put product in them and flat iron them on a daily basis.  And not just a quick pass with an iron, I actually have to take my time and work with them to get them straight and smooth.
I KNEW this when i cut them. I KNEW the committment I was getting myself into.

I let my hair air dry after a shower.  Usually at night, go to bed and wake up with a mass of curly afro. I was able to pull it back into a cute barette or something.  Now I have these $%#@ bangs.  Imagine Inego Montoya(you killed my father prepare to die) and Napoleon Dynamite(GOSH) had a baby.  Thats my hair.
I could wake up, put on some green facial masque, tiptoe into my kids bedroom, get up close and OOGA BOOGA them into peeing their pants.

Stupid Hair.

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