Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spokane Slide Show

So back in July I went to Spokane Washington for a few days to spend time with my friend Lindsey.  I flew out for my birthday for a week of fun, sun, hiking, river rafting and whatever other trouble we could get ourselves into.  With Lindsey and I, it isnt difficult to get into trouble...we just seem to bump into it (running full force. ) It follows us.  It toys with us.  But this time, I swore it would be different.  We are grown ups now after all.  And it was mostly tame.

well here is a slideshow of  The hiking, the sightseeing, etc.  This does not include the nightclubs until 2am, the 5 star restaurant Pig Roast where every course was served with a corresponding tequila, as we watched all the tables around us descend into drunken chaos as each course progressed, the trivia contest where a group named "Turd Ferguson" won (I wont go into details, but am quite positive they were somehow cheating), karioke night (where again we watched the surrounding people get so drunk it was like watching a bad stereotype comedy sketch about drunk people). You know, despite the 3 hour time difference, this old broad still has it in her!  One night we were out until 2am...then the next morning we had to get up early and go rafting. (ok, so that wasnt fun, throbbing head, ears ringing from the loud music the night before, no voice from laughing and singing so boistrously)

We did a lot of hiking at Lake Pend Oreille and Farragut State Park, went to the riverfront with her kids and went on lots of rides that had my insides bubbling (how is it I can ride the world scariest roller coasters, yet get vomitous on something called  the Strawberry go round? Or the Octopus?), had a spa day, went floating down the Coeur D'Alene river, karioke, pig roast, amazing food (especially the breakfasts at Old European...that scandanavian cake plate was to die for).  All in all a great time.

I wish she didnt live so far away.  I am trying to get her to come out here one September so we can go white water rafting on the Gauley River up in W Va. 
I LOVED Spokane.  I loved spending time with Lindsey. We get together and laugh and .augh and laugh.
At one point we were eating dinner at Beverleys (super swanky 5 star) and a couple was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at the table next to us.  She was telling me a funny story about a friend of hers gtting a terrible haircut, imitating his Boston accent with such accuracy, at one point we were laughing so hard we were crying. I had my napkin on my face, slobbering and mascara all over it. Plugging my nose to make a silent "ha ha" rather than my normal boisterous har de har har.
  Poor anniversary couple If they had known who they were sitting next to, perhaps they would have chosen the quiet table in the corner rather than the spectacular view over the lake listening to a braying hyena with a table linen over her head.

A successful trip. A great vacation.  I needed it.

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