Monday, August 8, 2011

found photos from a year ago

about a year ago I went to Dallas, TX for work. I was there for two weeks and one day I had my friend Holli come and pick me up and show me around the city.  I took lots of pics, and promptly lost the SD card when I got home. Alas! Victory.  A few weeks ago I went to Spokane WA to visit Lindsey, and found the SD card. I popped it into my camera and FOUND my long lost Dallas Pics.  Here are some of the Best.
These are from the Shawnee Cattle Trail.

These are from Dealy Plaza, The Grassy Knoll, The Book Depository, and X marks the spot where JFK was shot.(is that weird?? They spray paint the two spots on the street, and people have their pic taken on it)

Glad I found these, even if they are a year old.
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