Monday, April 9, 2012

My Wallet Hurts

Man these suckers are expensive.
Peter needs these to help keep his feet straight, adds a little lift in his left leg and really helps his walking. Cerebral Palsy is a bitch sometimes.

$1200. That's what I owe. TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!
I asked how much my insurance was covering.  I was informed that this was going towards my deductible. So great, only 28,000 more dollars until stuff is free. i HAVE to pay the 1200 before he can get them. Stupid Aetna.  Thats right Aetna, you heard me.  YOU SUCK!
But luckily the orthotics company we are working with is letting me break it up into 4 payments.  1st payment now, second upon delivery, 3rd and 4th 30 and 60 days post receipt.
So because my child absolutely needs this, I have to get it. To not get them would be irresponsible, and neglectful of his special needs.
But seriously, TWELVE HUNDRED FRICKING DOLLARS??? (but I was informed they came with a pair of tennis shoes and a special pair of socks)
We dont qualify for any sort of government assistance, he does not qualify for Disability because of our income, therefore does not qualify for Medicaid so I am stuck.
So Aetna, I pay you a S***load of money every month for insurance,yet you wont cover ANYTHING until we have hit a 30,000 out of pocket deductible.  That is why you are going to hell, and why the second I can find something better you and I are done professionally.

So son, enjoy your 1200$ pair of shoes. Your feet are not allowed to grow for another 3 years...

your mother.
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