Monday, December 31, 2012

It's That Time of Year again!!


Here we go again.

A few days ago someone in the family wrote on his facebook wall "For years I've tried to set specific measurable goals for New Years, and I barely ever accomplish any of them, and I lose track after a month. This year I am going to make outlandish, cosmic, vague goals and see what happens."

REALLY loved this status.  I felt the same way over the past 5 years. Seriously. Every year I see the same damn goals thrown back in my face.  For example...

--Lose 40 pounds I wrote... . (HAH replied the universe as it smacked another 3 on my hips.)

--I Will read my scriptures with my family I promised...(If by Scriptures you mean Harry Potter, then good job said the world. But if scriptures you meant the bible...well then you suck.)

---I will Exercise 3 times a week minimum I vowed... (well that lasted a day. awesome Sarah. Epic Fail.)

---Curb my potty mouth and do not unleash a torrent of profanity when I get frustrated...(well %^&^%&^%&  are you *&(#&*(* kidding me %!&#@!  this is @#$%^&&* ridiculous how you did NOT do it said the !@#$%^&^ world.

--I will take my vitamins religiously, I avowed...Oh Ok said my bottle still sitting on the counter with a large number of untaken capsules still sitting in it, all starting to stick together in clusters.

--I will be more patient and loving with my children I professed...(hows THAT working out for ya? the universe demanded)

So this year, 2012, taking stock and looking back on my New Years resolutions, I realized I really suck at making New Years resolutions. REALLY. SUCK.  Its not my fault. I am an overachiever. So I overachieve at making goals I have no hope of keeping throughout the year. Its what I do. I am a NYR fail-er.  Its what I do every year.  I should make a resolution to watch myself FAIL at resolutions.

So this year, in addition to my specific measurable goals to fail at, I am also going to make some vague, random, cosmic type goals and see what happens.

So here is to the last day of 2012...and thanks to the Mayans Epic Fail, here's to another list for 2013!

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