Monday, December 31, 2012

Man, I really really suck...

Seriously. suck.

I realized that I posted 6 posts for the entire year. THE ENTIRE YEAR!!  That's terrible! I'M terrible! Seriously ...6 posts?

Ok no use crying over spilled milk and non-posted pages. It's time to turn my blogging empire back around. Get this puppy back on track.  Its a shame, I have always loved blogging. I just quit making it a priority.
So I am working really hard to get it back on track and get my readership back and work at making it FUN again.
I think thats one of my biggest problems. It just didnt seem fun anymore.
Every time I would post I would get some yahoo from Hong Kong saying things like "lovely message. Like blog. Please to check out my shoe warehouse. Knock off purses too!". It just got really frustrating.

I think I have been taking this blog in the wrong direction.
So this is the year I get it back on track.
Spread the news. The bitch is back.

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