Monday, March 10, 2014

Demolition of the tower of terror...

Out 1970s kitchen has had it coming for a long time now.  I have waited for this day for 10 LONG YEARS!!! And today it finally happened.  I tore down that bleeping tower of terror.
The oven tower and upper cabinets had blocked the view into the eating area, and basically cut the kitchen in half.  It made the kitchen look closed off and crowded and cramped.  I know this kitchen has great potential,  and the first step to unlocking its greatness was to finally start demolishing the eyesore.


So hubbs and I got out the prybars, we got out the oscillating tool, we got out the muscle and elbow grease and went to town...

took out the wall oven and needed to cut the tower in half, flush with the only demolishing half the tower.

AND after several long hours, we finally got everything out.  Phase one COMPLETE!!

 Still have tons of work to do, but at least those cabinets and that oven tower and GONE!

Next on the agenda:

getting rid of that faux brick veneer backsplash (gag, hate it). 
new countertops.
turning that end portion of the counter into a butcher block
new backsplash
crown moulding around the upper portion of the cabinets

now i can live with this for a little bit as we plan for phase two.

so happy right now.
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