Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So this happened...painted laminate countertops

The 1970s ugly laminate had to go. But we werent quite ready to invest in the granite just yet. So we decided to try a pinterest idea and paint over the countertops and seal them with a bartop epoxy resin.

So this past weekend we bit the bullet and did it. (Hubby wasnt 100% sold, but I said "Hey if it doesnt work we will be replacing them anyways. This is a trial"  He agreed)


I decided on a black base. I used Behr Marquee base primer paint, tinted to Off Broadway Black.
I bought a quart of it and painted the entire countertop the base coat.  I waited an hour and recoated. so I had two nice coats.

After just the base coat hubbs was impressed with the difference.  he liked just the base!
I was tempted to just keep it the dark color.  But wanted to try my hand at the faux technique.

I then took craft paint in 3 various colors: Slate Grey, pearlized white and powder blue and dabbed in random patterns, using small pieces of a natural sea sponge. It looked like a bunch of kitty paw prints all over the countertops, so I then took a cleaning sponge and cut it in half and used the black base and did random squares over that.  Then I took a dry paint roller and rolled everything together, giving it the subtle streaking and flecking I was looking for.

I then did 3 coats of quick drying poly, sanding in between each coat with 220 grit and 400 grit with my random orbital sander, just to seal in the colors and seal the paint.

We then taped up a couple of tarps and used a bar epoxy resin to pour over the countertops.
 We mixed part A into part B for 4 minutes. Then Poured into a clean container and mixed again for another 4 minutes.  (phew)
Pour over surfaces and spread with a squeegee or paint stick or putty scraper. This stuff is self leveling (if the temperature in your house is warm enough). I don't recommend doing this in the winter or in colder temps.  We had the heater on and brought in space heaters just to make sure we had the proper atmosphere while doing this. You have 15 minutes to play, and that's it. Seriously. After 15 minutes this stuff will ripple if you try and mess with it too much. So two hands are better than one if you are doing a larger area.

Its so shiny....

Now walk away.

Walk away for 24 hours. 
Dont touch.  Dont breathe on it. Dont even look at it.
after 24 hours you will be able to tell if you want a second coat or not.

If you are happy with it, then in another day you can start putting stuff back on it, as it will be fully cured.
It will be water resistant, and hard as a rock!

and the Hubbs??  He loves it.

Now next is to get rid of that faux brick veneer!
Then paint.
Then Backsplash.

so much to do so much to do!

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