Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 Favorite (and free) creative font pairings

I LOVE fonts. I love Photoshop. I love combing various fonts together for customized and cool looks.
I have used this to create watermarks for my photos, I have used this to make address labels, I have used this to make letters/newsletters and other things "pop". I have used this in all aspects of my creative life.

Unsure about who what when where why or how??  Here are a few basic "rules" for combos:
1. Opposites attract.  If you Have  a thick and heavy font, try pairing it with something light and airy.
2. Girly scripts go really well with basic text fonts
3. All caps go well with lower case
4. Big and bold + small and delicate= amazing

Here are 5 totally adorable font pairings that you can use. All of these fonts are FREE and available on Dafont.


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