Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 (more) free and creative font pairings

So in response/pins to Sundays post about the creative font pairings I have decided to create and post more of these fun pairings and ideas for photoshop, MS word, or any windows based program that you would use your fonts in. At least once a week I will post some fun fonts and ideas you can do with them. All of these fonts can be found pre-installed on your computer, or found on DAFONT

Downloading and installing fonts on  Windows is super easy.
1. Pick the fonts you want, click "download" on each one that tickles your fancy, and voila.
2. When you have downloaded all fonts you are interested in, go to your downloads folder . Now,  I like to sort my downloads by date modified, so all the newest things are right at the top and I can find them.  They will be in a zip file.
3.Select all the fonts in their zip folders and right click with your mouse. You will "extract files here".  In a minute all those files will be unzipped.
4. (at this point I like to arrange my downloads and do a sort by "type".)  Find your fonts  (the icon will be a sheet of paper with a pi looking symbol on it, or an O on it)  Select all those files and right click again and choose "install". It will automatically add them into your windows font folder and automatically upload to your photoshop etc.

At this point you are ready to go, but  I also like order and neatness. So at this point I move all these fonts to a separate folder , just for organizational purposes. Right there in my downloads I have a folder that says "font downloads" and I just move everything into there. You dont have to do that but I like everything neat and tidy on my desktop.

MAC USERS: (I believe dafont and other font sites has an option on their fonts to download them for MAC. Go into their FAQ and find out the exact instructions. It has something to do with which type of files Mac will recognize and how you unzip/install them)


Again, remember some good rules of thumb for combining fonts:
opposites attract
curvy works well with straight
bold works well with delicate
all caps pair well lowercase

best rule(and my personal favorite) : find fonts you like and PLAY AROUND .Just have fun. Pair what YOU  like.  
This is just an idea of what you can do, and give you an idea of types of fonts that pair well together.

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