Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 4- Isla roatan Honduras

Wednesday we were in Roatan, Honduras. It is a beautiful island. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. When I think of Honduras I think of sally Struthers and save the Children, I dont know why. I have always had a mental image of Honduras that totally did not match what I saw.
Yes there were some areas that were SO poor and run down. There are people right there in the port that want you to pay them to take their picture with you. At least the Musicians earned their keep. The kids ask for money for no reason. If you dont give it to them they call you cheap. They are professional beggars. And they dont ask. They say "hey ma'am. Give me a dollar".
Then there were areas with beautiful homes of the rich and famous. The snorkeling was amazing. The hotels were resorts.

We took a tour around the island with Victor Bodden Tours. We learned a lot about the island and the history. We then went to Voctor Boddens Monkey Business. These cheeky little things were something else. they were so cute, but devlish little things. They reach right into your pockets and steal stuff. They yank on earrings, steal hats, sunglasses...anything they can get their hands on. You can tell from my askew sunglasses that one of them tried to yank them off my head.
One of the monkeys snatched the hat right off of Charles head and went up to the top of his tree and looked like he was trying to put it on his own head. Victor had to trade the monkey something for the hat.

This little monkey got to second base. I USED to make men buy me dinner first...apparently my standards are slipping. After time at the monkeys we went to West Bay and went to a resort to go snorkeling and swimming. It was HEAVEN. Roatan has some of the best snorkeling on the planet. I was REALLY surprised at just how gorgeous it was. Unfortunately some of the underwater pictures dont do it justice.

We drove a little more around the island as we made our way back to the ship.
All in all it was an educational and interesting day. I really enjoyed my time in Honduras and it was a real surprise and just how very enjoyable it was.
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