Sunday, January 17, 2010


BLAH BLAH BLAH. NYR's suck like a monkey.
But ever year I sit down and I make a list of things I would like to work on.
Within two months I have broken every single one of them and curse the list as I pass by it, mocking me from its perch on the Fridge.
This year WILL be different (just like I said it would be last year). I think my goals were too lofty last year. I had WAAAAAAAYYYY too many specifics and really set myself up for a fall.

This year is the year of ME.  I am not going to take too much on.  If I cant handle it, I will say NO.  I will not over extend myself or spread myself to thin by committing to way too much. That is a HUGE part of my goals this year.
I will be the REAL me. No more fake me, doing and saying what I think people want me to. No more of that BS, at all.

So without Further ado, here are a few more of my goals:

1. Curb the potty mouth. I write this down every single year. And every year my kids do something to piss me off so badly that before I can stop myself I erupt and spew forth a seething torrent of ugliness and profanity. My bad language really irritates my husband, and I know that half the time I do it just to tick him off.  So I will work on controlling my temper and bad language. It will make me a better person and make my kids better people as well. I dont want them growing up spouting off all sorts of imaginative profanities.(Which I have caught them doing once or twice)

2. Be Healthier.  No more POP. AT ALL!!  So far I have gone 17 days and have no urge for it anymore. I know that if I were to drink some I would be afflicted with the worst case of diarrhea in history. So I have ni desire to even SIP any.
Eat more vegetables. Cut down on my sweets.  eat healthier and smarter. Dont go out to eat so often. EXERCISE.   I just want to be healthier and happier.

3. Do a better job with my kids in reading the scriptures and learning bible stories.  Help them gain a personal testimony of Jesus Christ. But not pressure them, and let them know how important it is to be a GOOD person. Just because you go to church and read scriptures and can recite them from memory does NOT mean you are necessarily a good person.  I want them to be kind, considerate and loving. I want them to want to do good.

4. Build a booming business at the salon. I want to have a full book by the end of the year. I want to be earning beaucoup bucks. I want to be able to bring home the bacon so my husband can go BACK to school (AGAIN). So come see me at The Beauty Bungalow in Charlotte, NC.

so this is the year for me. Wish me luck and resolve and strength!!
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