Monday, May 23, 2011

Retro College Years embarassment photo...

This was a Girls Choice Formal Dance.
My date was Opera Man (his real name was Josh but he sang Opera...hence Opera Man)

Zeke could do the most hilarious animal impressions.  I didnt know Alan a whole Lot and Michael  was addicted the the game Quake(??)...something like that.  So addicted in fact he likened ones personal religious beliefs and standards to the game.  It was wierd. I digress.

Krista and Elisa and I went skiing together for the first time about a week or so before this dance.  We went to Alta Ski Resort.
It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, clear blue skies, and absolutely excellent skiing conditions.
After 6 or so hours on the slopes we headed back to Elisas car...and discovered that our faces hurt so bad we could barely talk.
WE DIDNT PUT ON ANY SUNSCREEN!!  That sun refleced off that snow and burned us so badly we looked like Giant tomatoes and Carrots.  We had to go to the health center and get antibiotic cream, we were so burned and blistered.
I could feel the heat POUNDING in my face everytime I walked outside in the cold mountain air. My skin was so hot it could melt ice cubes. It was ridiculous.
We had to work at Vegas Night fundraiser with Lobster faces, had to go to the Dance the color of Neon Glow in an Ice Cream Shop window.
On the plus side, about 2 to 3 weeks down the road the burns peeled off into a great healthy tan...just not in time for this great picture.

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