Sunday, December 11, 2011

Food Storage.

In this economy it is good to be prepared.  Layoffs, illness, disability, pay cuts etc.
At church they have been doing this year long program to get our Food Storage in order.  Extra food, supplies etc from those times of crisis, famine, penny pinching etc.  It is broken down week by week, generally based on historic sale items,etc.
By the end of the year you will have a tidy little food storage built up. Here is the program summary:

Each week tear off the coupon and add it to your regular grocery list (no cupons here, I will just type them out).
Get a Marker for marking the date on items to aid in rotation (regularly use items from your food storage, taking care to replace them when using so they dont go bad)

Buy the largest amnount you can SENSIBLY afford. It is better to buy a little and get started with your food storage program than to go into debt or put off any progress until you can afford to buy the whole years supply at one time.

Replace these items as you raid them. Remember, these coupons(items) are for items IN ADDITION to your regular grocery list.
Watch for sales and other specials.  Grocery stores dont always have the best buys. (bulk stores dont always have the best buys either).
If you miss a week, skip to the next week. Dont get behind.
Share your hot buys and bargains with others who are saving as well.

Now I have found that when produce is on sale in the summer or there are hot deals at the farmers market, it is a good time to pull out the canner. Dont can?? Find someone who does and have them help you. Google it...there are plenty of instructions and blogs on how to do it properly. It is quite easy.
Every week I will list the Food Storage items of the week, and maybe we can build our food storage together.
No matter your faith, economic situation etc, it is a good idea to have it...JUST IN CASE.

Happy Saving!
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