Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Its that time of year again.  Time to break out the lip balm fixin's and get to work. So visit my store HERE for your order...or leave a comment on my blog to order.  They are 3 for 7$. 
All Natural, cosmetic grade butters and oils and flavor oils.  No preservatives, other than all natural vitamin E. No petroleum by products like regular sticks for chapped lips. 
These are made with beeswax, so they are NOT suitable for Vegans.
If you are a vegan, or know someone who is, I do make a vegan formula as well with carnauba and candelila wax as a beeswax alternative. Just leave a note, or in the Note to buyer on my etsy site let me know.

Revamped labels, a HUGE Flavor selection.  All balms are MADE TO ORDER! These arent premade and sitting around on a shelf somewhere. These are whipped up as they are ordered. fresh, decadent and total awesomeness.  These arent your moms lip balms. These are gourmet, supah dupah lip balms. They are like cashmere for your mouth. (so on a fashion metaphor: why would you wear cheap acrylic when you could wear luxurious, soft, smooth cashmere??)

So take care of those money makers ladies!

All ingredients are natural and WONDERFUL for the lips and skin.
Beeswax, jojoba, shea, cocoa butter, aloe butter, meadowfoam oil, evening primrose oil, rice bran oil.

satiny Smooth, silky and STAYS PUT ON YOUR LIPS!!! No more winter chap for you! Keep those smackers kissable and pucker-able.

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APPLE- Sweet juicy and tart apple
APPLE PIE- Apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and a dash of vanilla
BANANA- Monkeys and kids love it...
BLACK CHERRY- sweet juicy classic cherry
**CANDY CORN- Perfect for Halloween! Definitely a treat.
CAPPUCCINO- Java with a hint of cinnamon
CARAMEL APPLE- Apple with ooey gooey caramel
CARAMEL CHEWS- Sweet creamy ooey caramel chews
CHAI TEA- Classic blend of herbs, cinnamon, cloves, cassia
CHEESECAKE- Cheesecake minus the dairy(and calories)
CHERRY ALMOND- Classic best seller
CHERRY VANILLA- Classic best seller
COCONUT- Tropical coconut
COCONUT LIME- You put the lime in the coconut and drink it on down...
COFFEE- Natural coffee syrup. This balm is tan in color.
CUCUMBER MELON- fresh melon and crisp green cucumber
DREAMSICLE- sweet orange with a splash of vanilla
GINGERBREAD- Holiday treat
GINGER PEACH- Sweet Georgia peach with a touch of spicy ginger
GRAPE- Purple grape. Kids love it.
GRAPEFRUIT- Sweet Ruby Red grapefruit
GRAPEFRUIT MINT- A really great blend. Gives the grapefruit a little extra kick
GUMMI BEAR- Like the packqage of sweets
HERBAL BLEND- Blend of mint and other herbal oils.
HERBAL TEA- Lavender, Mint and honey. Like a soothing cup of herbal tea.
HONEY- Flavor oil that smells JUST like the real thing.
HONEY ALMOND- Classic Best Seller
HONEYSUCKLE NECTARINE- . Fruity and floral at the same time. Best Seller
**HUCKLEBERRY- fruity and sweet, Huckleberry without the bears.
ISLAND DELIGHT- Tropical fruit punch with kiwi undertone
LAVENDER- Essential Oil that is soothing and floral
LAVENDER LEMON- Lavender and Lemon
LEMON DROP- Sweet and puckery lemon.
LIME- tart and sweet, grab a bottle of tequila and some salt
MANGO- Sweet juicy mango
MANGO STRAWBERRY- a great combination
MARGARITA- Lemon Lime. Like friday night for you lips. No salt!
ORANGE- Sweet navel Orange.
**PASSIONFRUIT- tropical passionfruit in a sweet fuity scent
PEACH- Sweet and ripe georgia peach.
**PEARBERRY- juicy pear with raspberry and blackberry
PEPPERMINT- essential oil. Great lip plumper too.
PINK BUBBLE GUM- Got a nickel for a Bazooka?
PLAIN JANE- No flavor added. Just balm.
PLUM APRICOT- These two fruits go together so well
PUMPKIN PIE- Great holiday flavor
RASPBERRY CREAM PIE- rasperries and vanilla
ROOT BEER- Just like the real thing minus carbonation
ROOT BEER FLOAT- Root Beer with a splash of vanilla
**ROSE- Upscale and timeless. Just like Chanel.
SKITTLES- Bestseller. Just like a bag of your fave candies!
SPEARMINT- essential oil. Great plumper, sweeter than peppermint.
STRAWBERRY- fresh strawberries
STRAWBERRY LEMONADE- Refreshing, tart yet sweet
STRAWBERRY LIME- This is a great combination
SWEET ALMOND- Classic Almond is a bestseller
SWEET JANE- no flavor, just sugar oil added to give balm a natural sweetness.
TANGERINE- This is similar to orange, but a little less sweet and more potent. More of a Clementine and Less of a navel
TANGIE-VAN- Tangerine with a hint of Vanilla
TEA TREE- Essential oil Medicinal, healing,antiseptic
VANILLA ALMOND- Classic Bestseller
VANILLA MILKSHAKE- just like a classic shake from your blender
WATERMELON- Just like Jolly Rancher watermelon candy
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