Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flag Football...He is Brilliant.

So Finn is in Flag Football. Im going to tell you all now, that he is brilliant.

He is brilliant at keeping that mouth guard in his mouth.
He is brilliant at huddling up.
He is Brilliant at running really hard and making it look like he is doing a lot of work.
He is brilliant at pointing like a pro, pointing like he knows what he is doing. 
Brilliant at letting that helmet slip down past his eyes so he can only see half vision.

He is Brilliant at jumping in the air for no apparent reason when someone on the other team falls down.

Yay Flag Football.

All photos taken with my canon powershot sx50Canon PowerShot SX50 12.1MP 50x Optical Zoom Black Digital Camera (Google Affiliate Ad)

Love this boy.
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