Sunday, March 24, 2013

The thrill of victory...and the agony of defeat

Or in other words, the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!  Every boy involved has that secret hope that HIS car will be THE BEST. (and still be a good sport, even if they lose)
Here is Finn testing the track, making sure his wheels are aligned and his car is road ready.
A few of the pinewood derby contestants.  Finn's Car is the grey one on the left, with all the pennies.  "THE PENNY POUNDER".

And they're off!! Come on Penny Pounder! Come on Penny Pounder! Come on Penny Pounder move your bloomin' Arse! (Thanks Eliza Doolittle and My Fair Lady for the blatant plagarism)


Well Poop, shucks. Maybe next race.

Next Race...VICTORY!!!
Penny! Penny! Penny!
Peter, age 12.5 (The Pinewood Derby Veteran) giving brotherly advice to Finn before his next race)
Me with the boys awaiting the winners and certificates.  Finn didnt win for speed, but his car won "Money Makin' Machine".

Proud of Finn. He did a good job, and was a very good sport about the whole thing. Love that boy.

All photos taken with my Canon Powershot SX50Canon PowerShot SX50 12.1MP 50x Optical Zoom Black Digital Camera (Google Affiliate Ad)
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