Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day9: Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands

Ok, I hve lost count what day we were. Seriously.  We got to the family reunion and had a family day, then like half of something day . So we will call this Day 9.
Most of the kids stayed at the B&B with their cousins etc. Some of the adults took them to an indoor water facility that had waterslides etc.  So some of us older folks got to go out on our own and have fun, sans children.

Charles and I went to Dead Horse Point State Park and then to Canyonlands National Park.  Both are north of Moab UT.  We started with Dead Horse.  This was a beautiful park, very similar to Grand Canyon, just smaller. In fact Thelma and Louise was filmed here.  People think it was the grand Canyon, but it was actually DHPSP.   We hiked a few places, climbed out on some rocks and just kind of toured around the park.
the bright blue water is Potash Evaporation ponds. They flood the underground and put it in shallow pools. The water evaporates and leave behind a potassium salt, which is then harvested and made into fertilizer etc.

Gooseneck of the Colorado river. This is the main focal point of the park.

sitting on a rock at the edge of a cliff, contemplating the fragility of deep like that.

"selfie!" of me an hubbs.

took a picture of hubbs eye through a small hole in a rock...just because I could

hiking down around some of the cliffs.

We then headed over to the upper portion of Canyonlands National Park. 

hubbs, looking all hubby like.

another selfie.

bowls in the rocks that collect water and sprout life.

All in all a fun day. We were out and about most of the morning and afternoon. DHPSP only took us about 2 hours, and Canyonlands NP took about 3. We stopped at the various overlooks and hiking areas etc.
The northern portion of Canyonlands are the place to go for sightseeing and hiking.  The souther portion of the park is more for offroading and camping.

Loved these two parks.  Would definitely head back if I had more time in the future.
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