Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 7 Part II : Arches National Park

Out of all the parks, Arches was one of my absolute favorites. Kids LOVED it, they wanted to go back.
Arches has the highest concentration of natural stone arches in the world...2500 at last count.
 It is AMAZING to see them and to hike around them and see the natural and awe inspiring beauty.  It is amazing to think that these arches took millions of years of erosion to create. Like anything, arches have a life cycle. Eventually the arch will become too heavy for itself and fall.
The Three Gossips

Believed there used to be an arch connecting these two structures.

baby arch

Balancing Rock

We hiked around North Window and South Window arches and then over to turret arch.

taking a water break at base

Turret Arch:

Can you see us??

view of north and south

view of North and South

hiking down from turret arch
After these two arches we headed over to Double arch. As we were in the parking lot getting more water and putting on more sunscreen,  we heard a honk of a car horn.  In drives Charles brother Robert and his family. Behind them are more family members. (nieces and nephews, another sister, a sister in law etc...)  It was an impromptu mini reunion before the reunion.  We all hiked to double arch together and had a little fun.
This was one of my favorite arches to climb. the view underneath was incredible.

unofficial mini reunion...

charles, enjoying the rewards of his climb.

he says its magnetos helmet...I say it looks like found porn.

various other things:
herd of elephants

Delicate arch. This is a freestanding arch. Again, thank goodness for a telephoto lens. We didnt have the time or energy to hike all the way out there.
zoomed in 

not quite as zoomed

still further away. Little zoomed

you can see how far we were from the delicate arch

zoom lens on delicate arch

Other Stuff:

On the way back to Monticello to the reunion, we were driving  and the clouds started thickening up and rain started moving in.  We caught the clouds halfway up the mountains.

All in all, one of my favorite days of vacation.
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