Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remodel part one...the light fixtures

So this happened:


For some reason in this area people like the boob lights with the nipple looking screw in hold fixture.

Ours were OLD.  At one time they were white frosted with a pewter ring.  Over the past 10 years they have dulled to a yellow-y blotchy flaky mess.
every time a light burned out we would make deals and barter with each other over who would have to change the bulb out because it was SUCH a hassle.  
So as part of a mini makeover we headed to IKEA and found some small and simple light fixtures . Best part is the bowl slips in and clips on quick and easy. taaa daaaaa. Love it.  

Worst part.  That  @!&*$#! popcorn ceiling.  That stuff is the devil.
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