Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just a few little tweaks...home edition

This new year we went through the house and got rid of clutter. We threw out junk. And Junk. and did I mention junk?  We have decided to simplify.  We have decided that this is the year we take this house and really start to make it what we want it to be.  This is the year of the remodel.  (Well these are the YEARS of the remodel.)  i know it wont get done in one year, more like 3.  We have a HUGE list.  I mean HUGE.
When we bought this house 10 years ago we were excited for the potential. The price was right. The neighborhood was right. the foundation and bare bones of the house was right. Everything to make this house great was there. We just needed to do a little at a time to make it what we REALLY wanted it to be. But then life happened. Peter had a transplant and other things were a little more important in our life than remodeling our home.
Well things have finally gotten to a point where we can get down to business.
The main thing this year is the kitchen. But that is a completely different post. I cant even get into it.  I just cant.  Its too much.

So to keep from getting frustrated , I decided to do just a few little things on the living room.  That room is a little later in "THE LIST"  as there is less to be done, so just a few cosmetic changes here and there. Oh You know,like:  New front door, New front closet doors, new furniture, new pictures and knick knacks, New blinds for the windows, New floor vent covers, paint, scraping the popcorn off the ceiling and painting it smooth.
But in order to feel like I am getting SOMETHING done, I went out and bought a new storage table for our front window in the living room. I redid our curtains and curtain rod for said window. I got a new lamp. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I also found 2 beautiful prints from IKEA in the clearance section for a dollar each. All I need are some frames and can get those up. But while the kitchen is a disaster zone this next year at least I will have SOMETHING pretty to look at.  Sure it still needs paint, and new furniture and closet doors blah blah blah...but it progress that I can cross off the list!!

BEFORE. Ugly curtain rod. Ugly plain curtains. (but that was my new table) See how plain and bland and blah it was??
Ignore that couch. It is old old old. It was my grandparents...

after. New curtain rod New curtain panels.

Up close new rod and curtain detail.. It is a pale blue with creamy white embroidery.

Love it.
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