Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Jeopardy Audition

Back in January or February I took the online test to become a contestant on Jeopardy. They of course ask where you could travel to for an in person interview should you do well enough on the test and get randomly selected for such an interview. Luckily Charlotte was one of the choices listed!! Usually it is Atlanta, or Raleigh, so I was thrilled to see my home city on the list. I felt really great about the online test. i thought it was super easy and felt like I had done really well.

About a month ago I received an email stating that I had qualified for an in person interview here in Charlotte. I confirmed that I would be there and they sent me all the information and directions etc. So for the past MONTH I have been studying world capitals and opera and writers and currency and flipping through trivial pursuit cards like crazy.

So yesterday the big day finally arrived! I woke at 2am, my mind racing, sweating with nervousness. I finally got back to sleep at 330 and slept until 7. When I got up I didn't feel nervous. I was surprisingly calm and cool and collected.
I got dressed and totally worked the hair and make-up. I don't think I have ever looked so good.
We had to wear something as if we were actually on the show. (apparently one lady will wear a track suit for her appearance...and talk on her cellphone.

I had to drive uptown to the Westin and fill out paperwork, and get my Polaroid taken(which was a lovely pasty white close up of my huge head. I would have to say that my drivers license picture is better than the one they took.
Well we sat at tables in groups of three and had a piece of paper for our written test. It was all computerized. On the large screen the question popped up with a category and we had 8 seconds to write down our answers. It was 50 questions. I knew all but 3.

then they randomly chose 3 people at a time to come up front and play a mock version of Jeopardy.
They showed us how to use the buzzers and the right time to ring in. There are lights that go on when you can ring in and if you buzz in too early you are locked out for 1/2 a second, giving the other players an advantage.
BUT they did tell us to click that buzzer up and down , not just one click. So that is why you see those contestants clicking away like there is no tomorrow. But the coordinators were very helpful in telling us "be louder! happier!! You are ringing in too early! You are ringing in too late! You were right on the money!" So they really helped us get a feel for the buzzers.
Then we had to tell a little bit about ourselves and go through the personality interview and testing. We had to bring in 5 facts or interesting things about ourselves, and they asked us questions, just like Alex Trebek. So we really had to be personable and interesting.
A few people were a little over the top. Some people thought super highly of themselves. Some people were kind of blah.

But after 2 1/2 hours of interviews and testing it was time to go. I was informed that I was now entered into the Jeopardy contestant pool for 18 months.

SO they can call me within the next 18 months to appear on Jeopardy. If they don't use me or don't call then I can re-test in another 18 months.

I am really happy I did it. I feel really good bout my interview. I feel like they really liked me and I knew all my questions and did really well on the written test.
So who knows, you may be seeing me win a buttoad of money on Jeopardy someday!
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