Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my new best friend

I was reading my friend Michelles Blog the other day about her new kitchen vacuum. She got one of those quick shine glide sweepers at Walmart and raved about it.

So I decided to follow suit and head to the big W and get one for myself as well. I am tired of lugging the big old Kirby upstairs to vacuum the kitchen etc. I just needed something light that would pick up the crumbs and hair and keep me from sweeping.

I could not find this sweeper anywhere. I checked with the swiffers in the cleaning aisle. I checked with the vacuums in the vacuum aisle. I checked all the end caps and island stands. There were no glide sweepers to be found anywhere.

So I headed back to the vacuum aisle and took a look at what they had there.

I found THIS:

this is the Eureka 4 in 1 stick vac. It has a telescoping handle, and comes with a crevice attachment/tool and a floor attachment. I can use it as a handheld dust buster, or as a little vacuum. It is electric, so it is plug in. I dont have to mess with batteries, or charging it or anything like that. There is no bag, just an arm and hammer filter cup. I just push a button to pop the vac in half, pull out the cup and dump the junk into the trash. Best part was, it was under $20.

Now this is not a vacuum. This is really meant for hardwood floors, linoleum and tile. This is not meant to replace a vacuum for carpet.

BUT it picked up an amazing amount of junk from my floors. It picked up dog hair, pine needles, dust, dirt, crumbs, debris, paper bits etc. It even worked on my area rug under the kitchen table.(it is a VERY short pile carpet, so it isnt a deep cushy rug.

It actually works like a dream on the hardwoods. I put it on the steps to clean up the dog hair dust bunnies that collect there and the crevice tool got into all the hard to reach areas. It was great! Plus it is so small and compact that I can put it in with the broom and mop in my kitchen and it doesnt look like a vacuum in the middle of the floor.

Really great for bathrooms and kitchens. Plus it weighs only 2 or 3 pounds so you can just take it with you and not have to worry about banging your ankle with a vacuum as you try and lug it up and down the stairs(personal experience)

so Thank you michelle for blogging about your new kitchen vacuum. I am sorry they were out of them, but I am happy that I found my Eureka! It is my new kitchen best friend!!

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