Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rationalization always wins...

I was thinking about my diet and how badly I wanted to go to Brusters and get a sundae, or a shake...or SOMETHING.
I thought "well if I just get a scoop it will be fine".
then I thought "And maybe if I have them add a litle hot fudge".
My little fantasy kept going until I had a full blown Brownie sundae...but no cherry because I hate them.

I thought back to the time I was the general manager of Maggie Moos Ice cream.
Maggie Moos is SUPER PREMIUM ice cream. It is like 4000% butterfat and chock full of 3 days worth of calories...and thats just the sweet cream flavor. Never mind Maggies Fudge or Caramel which is made with like 2 pounds of Hot Fudge and/or Caramel topping.

We had these two very overweight ladies come into the store one night.  Apparently they were starting Weight Watchers the next morning and were going out with a Bang.
 They both got a Large Sundae with the Caramel Ice Cream. In that Ice Cream I mixed Wet Walnuts and Pecans. Then on top I added Hot fudge, Hot Caramel, Homemade whipped cream and  extra wet walnuts.  
I asked the ladies :Would you like a cherry on that??"
The one woman turns to her friend and says "Dont get the cherry. Thats where all the calories are.  Thats how these sundaes get ya." 

and no, she wasnt joking.

Needless to say i didnt get any ice cream. yay me.

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