Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Hair Bows

So I have discovered the joy of Bow Making.  I made a bunch for a girlfriend at school and she loved them so much. I have several more orders come in and am thinking about listing them on Etsy for Christmas.
I went to Michaels and their Christmas and Holiday ribbon was on sale for 50% off. I bought several kinds, all coordinating and went to town. Here are the ones I have made so far.

I really like the Loopy hair bows. I did make a few of the pinwheel type bows in various colors as well.
The backs are single prong clips:

All bows are made by stitching AND re-enforced with hot glue. I then sealed any visible ends with a flame, keeping it from fraying.
I have recently discovered Korker Bows:(I did not make this. This is from

I have a lot of grosgrain ribbon on the way to me. I will make the Korker ribbon, and if it is as easy at it sounds, I will make a tutorial. It SEEMS easy enough. I tried the redneck version using a candle, instead of a stove. It didnt work too well. The ribbon stayed Korkered, but there were scorch marks on it.
So I am thinking I will follow the correct directions and see how difficult it is.

Not that I have a ton of time on my hands, but I have lots of ideas swirling around. I have missed crafting and making these bows have been a fun thing for me to do while I watch TV at night when the boys go to bed.
 I can pull up my little table and just work away.

Happy Crafting!
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