Monday, November 9, 2009

My Crafty weekend

Whew I was a crafy gal this weekend.
At school I am in a group, making a window display for a competition. Our group is doing a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and I was in charge of making Jack. Here is our inspiration:

We have snowflakes that will be hanging down from the ceiling and one will be in Jacks fingers as he looks at it in wonderment. do you make a model using very little money? Like this:

Here is Jack in his Glory. (Obviously he is naked and will be dressed at a later date)

Once he gets dressed and in the scene he will look so good.
I am really proud of my little model.

Then a few months ago at school we had a going green/recycled fashion show.
I made some hairbows with recycled ribbon and next thing I know I had orders!
So, this week a woman in my class ordered 10 in various pinks and purples and reds for her granddaughter.
I sewed loops in various sizes and colors and secured them with thread and hot glue. Then for the center I took about 2 inches of ribbon, sewed a running stitch along the bottom edge and then pulled to make a rosette type thing and attached it to the middle.
If anyone is interested they are $3 each.

So that was my weekend.  Then of course Finn thought Jack was the COOLEST thing ever and wanted to have his picture taken with him.

So that was my crafty little weekend.  It was fun!
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