Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insomnia Strikes again

My body and brain KNOW that I have appointments all day today PLUS I am staying late.
WHY oh WHY did my eyes fly open at 3am and refuse to close again?
I need all the sleep I can get.
It was as if all the forces in the universe converged at that moment in my bedroom to screw with me.

1. 3am. I wake up to my husband rolling over and taking blankets with him, leaving my butt exposed to the cold air.  So I pull some of the covers back, taking too  much blanket and immediately feel hot.

2. I start hearing "things" in the room.  I SWEAR I heard krinkling paper, like something was crawling on plastic.  I immediately think of blood sucking spiders and the giant big bad voodoo daddy of spiders from Arachnophobia.  I hear crinkle crinkle crinkle...then I PROMISE I heard something fall or jump or something. I yelled "What was that?" Poor Charles "huhhhhmppppphhhhhh".   WHAT WAS THAT!  He said "What? I explained what was going on and said "Turn on the light!"  so he did and asked :What am I looking for?"  Of course nothing was found. Just my over active imagination playing tricks on me again...or it is my insect arch enemy come back to haunt me from his watery cock-roachy grave.(We get these Palmetto Bugs, which are basically cockroaches. With winter coming they are looking for a way in and with a dog who likes to open doors by himself and leave them open sometimes we get some that sneak in.)(heebie jeebies)

3. The one lone cricket left alive in this cold weather starts playing his sad song right outside my window.
Not excessively loud, but just enough to be irritating and keep me from getting drowsy again.

4. The owls...yes we have Barred Owls and the one night I wake up it starts its crazy un-hoot that sounds like a chihuahua being strangled by a goat. I cant even explain the sound it makes, but it is NOT the calm and soothing who who you hear in the movies or on cartoons.

5. Husband.  I try to get comfortable and his shoulder is in the way of my arm. Or he is breathing in a way that it isnt QUITE a snore, but pretty darn close. I cant punch him and say "Hey roll over" since technically he isnt snoring...just breathing loudly. Annoyingly and Irritatingly Loud. (grammar?? eh it is 4am. deal with it)

6. Pillows.  I have a wierd habit. I have to sleep with like 4 pillows.  I have a feather pillow on the bottom. It is nice and smooshy and I can have the lumps and bumbs where I need them. On top of that, slightly towards the bottom of the feather pillow, I have one of those small memory foam pillows. THEN on top of that, aligned with the feather pillow, effectively making a memory pillow sandwich, I have a regular poly fill pillow, a little thinner, not too fluffy.  Then I have a giant King Size fluffy pillow that I "hug" or throw my leg over.
Well my pillows were being big fat jerks.  My feather pillow kept getting lumps and bumps in all the wrong places.  The memory Foam pillow was not in the right place so my should ger hurt and my arm kept falling asleep. The poly fill pillow kept shifting. I just couldnt get comfortable.

so I spent over an hour fixing blankets, pillows, forcing my hubby to look for ghost bugs, tossing and turning. I decided to get up to try and clear my mind, stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a sweatshirt or something. charles says "Are you up for good?"
I get out of bed for 10 seconds and he is trying to steal my spot.

OK 437am. Perhaps I can try and get back to sleep after clearing my mind a bit.
wish me luck.

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