Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I said BEWARE!!

Awhile back I posted on Facebook that If I know you now, or have ever known you and I have a picture of you, then it will most likely end up on my blog.  Many people responded they werent scared. "Do Your Worst" so to speak.

you have been warned....

This was me in 1982.  I desperately wanted a cabbage patch Doll for Christmas.DESPERATELY!!(underlined 3 times for emphasis)
  Trying as hard as they could, my parents were not able to secure one for me that year. These things flew off the shelves as soon as they were stocked. Tramplings, fights, brou ha- ha's and more, all because of these stupid dolls with a signature on their butts.
My parents, in their infinite wisdom, decided they would get me something much better. A turkey.
Yes, a turkey.. A large, stuffed turkey with a velvet head, corduroy waddle and plushy feet,and tail.
It was love at first sight.  Never mind that I didnt have a cabbage Patch kid with Xavier Roberts John Hancock on the tush and birth certificate with some crazy name like Harmony Melody (which incidentally was the name of my very first CPD a few months later after the mania of the holiday season wore off).
I had Tom.  Tom the Turkey that my parents had picked up at some country store in the middle of nowhere Ohio.
Tom went with me everywhere. He was my favorite stuffed animal ever. This turkey was the confidant of all my childhood secrets and girltalk sessions.(Lindsey, keep your mouth shut!!)  This turkey went with me to college.  He attended the birth of our first child.  He has been the main star of countless giggling sessions with the kids .30 years later Tom STILL occupies a place on my bed, with his now ratty matted turkey fur.
I will have Tom until the day I die. In fact, in my will I am going to request that I be buried with Tom the Turkey. He will probably be in tatters and disintegrating, but he will always be My Tom.

In the end I ended up with 7 cabbage patch kids.  Harmony, Georgia, Jennifer, collette, Luke, Sally and Sasha. And in the end I kept zero of them. They were a passing fad of the 80's. But in the long run I wound up with something much more meaningful...Tom.
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