Thursday, April 7, 2011

WIsh I was there...

So today was the mile run for the 4th graders at school.  It was 10am this morning, and parents were invited and encouraged to attend to cheer their children on.
I found out yesterday.
I couldnt be there.

BUT on the plus side, my friend Dana R was there with her camera, taking WONDERFUL photos of her son Taylor,  and took some of Peter as well and sent them to me.
so without further ado, Peter "running" the mile... ( I use the term running very loosely. Peter does not run..he moseys. They ambles. then jogs. then takes a rest. then moseys again. then looks at bugs...)

This first picture he is in "Battle Force 5 mode".  Channeling the power of Stanford and the Reverb, he is in gear...
 His sweet, sweet teacher, motivating him and running with him and trying to keep him going. He looks like  he is just in la la land, off in some other world, walking to the beat of his own drummer.
 Ok, trying a little harder now...
 Checking on his best friend and classmate who he kept time for.
 Taking his time, moseying along.
 Still running...
 Working hard to keep up with his classmate(who he has a little crush on. He likes the blondes)

I am very proud of him and he did such a great job. It isnt easy for him, but he tried really hard.
Thank you Dana for the wonderful pictures, I appreciate it!
Thank you, Dad, for taking time out of your day to go by and cheer him on, I know it meant a lot to him.

I wish I could have been there.
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