Sunday, May 8, 2011

a wonderful Mothers day

So today I woke up without an alarm. The birds were chirping, the sky is blue(ish) and my kids are getting along.  My cats Rusty and Skittles must know it's my special day, as they have been circling my legs, meowing and wanting attention all morning (Oh, wait they havent been fed. Thats what they want).

I have a bounteous supply of gifts from my hubby and kids to share.

Last night we went to Carrabbas Italian Grill.  One of my fave restaurants. Considering we got there at 6pm and it was Mothers Day Weekend AND Prom, we were lucky we got a seat fairly quickly. Only a 15 minute wait. Thankfully we got there when we did, as it quickly escalated to a 2 hour wait by the time we had left.
I had the Trout Nicciola.  It was a hazelnut crusted Trout, wood grilled with tomatoes, basil and lemon butter sauce.  It was delicious. We had started off with one of my favorite appetizers, Calamari.  They also bring the hot fresh italian bread and olive oil with the herbs and spices for dipping. LOVE IT.

Then my Hubba Bubba, who knows me so well, got me THE BEST GIFT EVER!!
If anyone really knows me, they know I LOVE Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.  I will watch it at least once or twice a month, and I LOVE the music.  In my head, I am Penny. Watch out Joss Whedon, you may have another internet sensation on your hands, starring ME!
HE GOT ME THE DR HORRIBLE SING ALONG BLOG BOOK!!!!!  It has pictures, notes, full script, commentaries, behind the scened, drafts, sketches and best of all THE MUSIC SCORE!!  The OFFICIAL music score.

I then got to open the gifts from my children.  Peters class had made all the mothers a Recipe book.  each child had to bring in a favorite recipe. They typed them up and compiled them.  It has 25 great recipes in it, which I am excited to try out!

Finn Hid his present to me in my closet, and I had to try and find it.
It is a small hand painted flower pot with chocolates and candies in it.  The thumbprint flowers, caterpillers and ladybuge.  Super cute.  Then the "coupon bouquet" card.  The coupons include Write something nice, draw something ncie, a hug, dirty clothes and wash windows.
Inside the card he had written a poem:
Loving, Kind, Helpful
WHo likes to do hair and play
Wii with the family
Who uses the computer to play Zuma
Who wants to go to Disney World
Who needs a clean house
Who gives me and my brother money
for doing our chores
who says "do your homework"
who loves Chocolate.
Love, Finn.

Now hubba bubba is going to try and make me French Toast....but thats a completely different blog!
Happy Mothers day to all past, present and future mothers out there!
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