Friday, October 28, 2011

an E book

SO I am thinking about writing an E-book. (come again??)
An E-book. A book I can put on the internet and people can download for a price.
I have the basic idea percolating in my head, bouncing it around, rolling it off the tongue, so to speak.
Not sure where I am going with it though. I know where I WANT to go with it. I think I could do it.
I have a series of ideas for various ebooks.  Dont know if I want to write one big one, or write a few small ones for various ideas. Or I could write a big one with a bunch of chapters, or a bunch of small ones, like Charles Dickens did with pickwick papers ... a monthly newsletter series. Or...or...or...
This is what happens when I wake up at 4am with my mind racing.  I think its a good idea to blog.
then you get posts like " I think Crocodiles should wear pink lipstick" or some crazy %!#@ like that.
see, I even start typing in melodramatic profanities.
<<-------- Yep, thats a crocodile with pink lipstick. Ive got mad photoshop skillz. (skills with a z. stand back)

They say write what you know.  Write what you are passionate about.
Since I cant write an e-book on my love affair with Magnum Ice Cream Bars, I guess I could do the next best thing. (mmm, magnum bars.  I'll be back. I think I need to make an unscheduled visit to Walmart)

But in all 430am seriousness,  I am thinking about an e-book for Hair Care, Hair Loss, Hair thinning etc.  Various recipes for all natural hair care treatments, shampoos and conditioners. Maybe a section on hair thinning, baldness , FAQ's and reasons, the nuts and bolts of hair loss. And maybe various resources for those experiencing it. I had a client yesterday and we were discussing the internet etc and he kind of brought up a  Bald forum. Where men and women can go to discuss hair loss and various ideas and treatment options etc. Not have it be an obvious advertisement for a national hair loss company etc.  There isnt a whole lot out there as far as support and forums that arent part of a hair restoration company.  Just a forum that people can go and talk to each other about their hair experiences.  Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the company that I work for, but what I do isnt a realistic option for some people.

Then I had an idea for bath and body products.  Recipes, supplies, vendors, ideas etc.

Then I had another idea...then another...then another.

I THINK I can do it. (Im the little engine that could, yo)
BUT I think that with the past 10 years of research and trial and error I could write an/some awesome ebook(s).

obvious schmoozing alert: Maybe get my bestie to draw some funny pictures for it... When I got married she got me a bunch of kitchen gadgets and made these HILARIOUS gift tags about various ways to use said items.  For the potato masher she said "a muzzle to shut Charles up when he talks back(or something along those lines)" and it showed a cartoon of his head with a potato masher in his mouth. I still pull that out and giggle every now and then...and I still have that potato masher. wow, sidetracked much? But seriously Lindsey, I'll be calling.

yes?? no?? good idea? Bad idea? obvious middle of the night insomniac idea?  Akin to drunken ramblings?
this is why I dont blog at what is now 5am.

I know I am going to look back at this at about 830 and go "whaaaaa????"
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