Sunday, October 23, 2011

my new banner

So I am thinking about starting a new shop on etsy called HairySairy.
It will be all hair products.
I have the shop set up, just no products in it yet. hemming and hawing...nothing new here.
Here is the banner for it thusfar.

Not exactly sure I am loving it though. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I am thinking about various hair accessories(clips, bows, headbands, pins, extension clips etc).
Then my main product would be different intense deep conditioners, custom blended for various hair problems (coarse hair, dry hair, brittle hair, fine hair, limp hair, over-processed hair, chemically treated hair and what not)
Each conditioning treatment would come in a container and would be enough for 4 months (applications are done 3 to 4 weeks apart). It would come with an application brush and processing caps and instructions for use.

I am a huge advocate for healthy hair. Maybe move into all natural hair colors,oils and products.  I just havent quite decided yet where i want to go with all of this.
I dont even know if I will get it up and running. It is all just up in the air right now.

just dont know.  I ...just...dont...know.
I KNOW what I want to do and where I want to go with it. I just dont know HOW.
Is starting on etsy worth it?? would it get me started enough? would people even see it with the glut of other crafters on there? how can I make it stand out?
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