Monday, October 31, 2011

There's no basement in the alamo!!

Today I leave for San antonio, TX for a whole work week.
I am leaving behind the comfort of my own home, hubby, my kids, cats, car, clients etc and heading over to Alamo country to work at the HCM there for a week.

This is why I LOVE my job. I am able(on occasion) to go to various centers around the country and help out when they are in need.  I am still working, still getting paid ...but it is like a mini vacation!!
I am super excited for this assignment though. I LOVE the thought of being in San Antonio for a whole week.  I am only a few miles away from the riverfront(see pic above), the Alamo(excuse me, when do we see the basement??  The basement?? There's no basement in the Alamo...tee hee hee hee)

So today I had to go to Social security office for Peters Disability payments, then I had to go to Home Economist and buy more 9 grain hot cereal grain (and maybe a few other choco covered soynuts), then I had to come home to make a large lasagna.
As I was cooking the noodles, I pulled out a box of noodles, and realized they were old. When I opened them up I found that the millers and moths had been in them at one time and left lots of little silks and other the lasagna quickly turned into baked ziti.
AND I had to pack.

Busy morning.
But, I am going to San Antonio!!
(the hotel has an indoor pool...and a Free, totally awesome breakfast buffet!! (and a REALLY good one too...with waffles and everything!!) )

I am going to try and get down to the riverfront, we shall see how busy they keep me.
what I REALLY want to do is go here:

I know. Im wierd.  I had a client who told me " I can see you there. You are kind of wacky , and I can understand how you would want to do something like that".
uhhh, thanks dude.

I am sure I will get pictures(if I can get out and do anything fun) and will upload them.
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