Monday, October 31, 2011

isnt that sunburn AWESOME!!!

Thats Clinique blush and some bare minerals...
we got more compliments on his fake sunburn and how awesome it looked at the trunk or treat on Saturday night.
My friend Dana and her husband were there and her hubby dressed in his army gear.
Well we ran out of candy so we sent the boys to the harris teeter to pick up some more.

So in walk the army GI Joe with my hubby (who was sporting a fake sunburn, black socks and sandals, shorts and an aloha shirt. It was awesome by the way)
I am sure the people at the HT were scratching their heads at that one.

here are the boys:

Finn was Death(?), grim reaper(?), Crypt keeper(?)...anyhoo, he was something with a long black hooded costume, an axe and a ace kind of like a skeleton.
Peter was Bumblebee Transformer and he brought his friend from school who was a pirate...or a ninja pirate, not sure why she had the belt around her eyes.
They had fun though. LOTS of fun.

I won FIRST PLACE in the Spicy category for my chili.  And it was super spicy too.  I used a whole pound of chorizo, rotel with chilis, another can of green chilis, white beans, shoepeg corn and tons of garlic. It was awesome. 
We carved some pumpkins too:

Darth Maul was my pumpkin, The traditional pumpkin was Finns and The Autobot was Peters.  I dont have a picture of charles' pumpkin. he did Scar from The Lion King.  It looked really good.

as for my costume...well, hmmm. It was alright.  I didnt feel like paying money for anything, so I did a quickie redneck version of Wheres Waldo.  I knitted a cap, painted some quick red stripes on a White t shirt and got some plastic glasses from one of the halloween stores. I am the cheap knock off version of Waldos cousin...Wildo (pronounced will-dough...not will-dew).  Mamma didnt have $ to copyright...
It was good enough that people kept yelling "Hey, Waldo! I found you!!".  I didnt even have to wear a nametag...

fun halloween times. I always enjoy the trunk or treat.
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