Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what a week...and it is only tuesday

as many of you know we had a little hair color misadventure in our house the other day.
Charles ASH colored blonde hair decided to take a detour and go red instead of staying in the ash family. (he was taking one for the team by helping me out with my last grade). Using the proper color formulation and correct color and developer strength, I set abpout making him oe shade lighter than his natural virgin hair was.
It turned strawberry blonde. So to correct it I got some ash color to counteract the red/gold tones. I even bought red/gold corrector to add to the color. For some unknown reason that made it worse. His hair followed no color laws. AT ALL. It did what it wanted to do. It turned an even more hideous shade of red/gold. A very ginger orangy red. It was awful. So finally i went back one more time and bought a dark ash color with a green base(to counteract the red) and and a light double ash with a blue/violet base to neutralize the gold/orange tones.
So I mixed the dark brown ash with the platinum blonde double ash to make a mid-light ash blonde. I added some red-gold corrector to it. FINALLY . His hair is back to normal. A nice medium ash blonde that has only the tiniest hint of red(which actually looks pretty good on him)
. So that was horrible. I had to give him a hot oil treatment under the hooded dryer to keep his hair healthy and shiny and soft. Now these pictures were taken on a camera phone, so they arent the greatest.I apologize.
This picture was the first color application, where he looked like Not Gay chet from real world brooklyn.

This was the second color application where he turned into his avatar from guitar hero.

Picking a hairstyle from a current issue of sophisticates hairstyles. Yes, he is under the hooded dryer.
"Did you see that? Grrrrrllllll, her har is baaaaaddd!""Ooh! I want this hair. she's hot."

At least he was good enough to joke about it...and not go to church wearing a hat.

Then sunday night Finn started complaining his neck hurt. I asked how it hurt. He said it hurt when he swallowed. His little face would scrunch up when he swallowed and he was running a fever. Now he JUST got done with a 10 day oral penicillin treatment for strep throat. But monday morning I looked at his throat and it was gunky. I know it had come back.
so we went BACK to the doctor and he had strep throat AGAIN. So we made an executive decision to NOT do an oral treatment and just get it over with and give him the shot.
Charles said he was soooo mad. The entire Doctors office heard him yelling and screaming and hollering and raising a ruckus.
but last night, a mere 7 hours later he was bouncing around saying "i feel better already!"
this morning I asked how he was feeling and he said "my froat is fine. But my butt still hurts!"

Yesterday I started out on the clinic floor. I will be there Mon and Tues for the time being and then in about 6 weeks or so I will be out there 3 days a week. But I have to miss today to stay home with finn, who is unable to go to school until tomorrow.

This morning I woke up feeling like pooh.
i had horrible dreams about my bridesmaid dress. I dreamt when it showed up it was a lace top with a big rhinestone buckle and a chiffon skirt. Very oldschool fox-trot ballroom dancing ty;pe dress. It was hideous. And it was this awful shade of greyish purple. Kind of like a mauve, but more icky.

hopefully i can get a bit of a nap today. And go pick up my mirror my friend is donating to me and the vinyl for my wall she did. I will take pictures and post them later!

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