Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night we had some bad storms blow through here.
Tornadoes to the south and west and lots of heavy rain and wind.

This morning I woke up and peeked out my kitchen window to the garden.
I notice sometihng between the two back plots. I call charles over to investigate.

ME: Charles, what is that? Is that a tomato bush on the ground or is that a branch from a tree?
CHK: Where?
ME: Out there in the garden
CHK: Where?
CHK: well I cant see anything i am sorry. I dont know how you expect me to see anything around your big head.
ME: Back there, between the long tomato plot and the plot closest to the house/
CHK: Oh, I dont know. i THINK I see what you are talking about.

He then plops on the couch to watch the series finale of Pushing Daisies that was on DVR(Curse you ABC for cancelling the show and trying to wrap things up with a final episode. Ridiculous.)

So I head out to the garden to find one of my roma plants playing on the ground. The cage had fallen over and our plants could not support themselves.
So I had to pick it up and realized why it had fallen. My tomato plants are KILLING it this year. I have more tomatoes than I will know what to do with! The romas were so heavy and abundant, no wonder it fell over.

so i am off to Lowes to get some tall bamboo stakes to make sure our plants have plenty of room to grow and have some support so we dont have another mishap.
I need to do it this morning because we are expecting heavy storms and rain again today.
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